7 Best Free Firewall Software to Improve Security!


Humankind has been building walls to defend themselves from outer threats for a really long time. The computer age should be no different and in the 21st century, we protect the sources of our information using Firewalls to keep all the bugs, malware, adware, trojans and viruses away. The question arises, which is the best free firewall software available today? To solve that issue, we came up with a list that will simplify the path and make your choice a lot easier.

List of  7 Best Firewall Software

#7 AVS Firewall

AVS Firewall

This is a tool that will take care of the basics but reaching a little further… three steps further to be exact. First things first, it is a proper firewall that will keep all threats far from your computer and your data, but it also includes three modules that can be used or disabled any time and they are: a registry defender that takes care of securing your registry (no data leakage for sale), a parental control to keep your children away from undesired experiences and an anti-banner feature that will prevent all those annoying pop-ups to jump at you trying to sell you stuff you don’t need or want.

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#6 Outpost Firewall Pro

outpost firewall pro free

For those looking for a little more control over what traffic to allow and what to block, this powerful and simple tool will allow them to check on data traffic real time, see if there´s any app or software acting in a strange way and then make the decision to block or not to block it.

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#5 TinyWall

TinyWall firewall free

This lightweight tool is an add-on to the Windows Firewall and there’s no ´main window´, you just need to click on the tray icon to access any menus, but don´t be fooled by its low profile, this powerful and silent tool will be in stealth mode running in the back processing all data and deciding what goes in and what goes out.

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#4 Comodo Firewall

Comodo Free Firewall

The best free firewall in the market (updateable to a paid pro version) exceeds all needs of data protection you can imagine. The ´Defense+´ feature is a state of the art technology that will provide you with never-seen-before intense traffic monitoring. This firewall will keep an eye on everything: system, apps, and even network. It has a cloud-based resource updating real time all the time with over two million apps in a huge blacklist and also a white list for reputable sites and files. It doesn’t get much better than this.

Comodo Free Firewall

#3 ZoneAlarm Free Firewall

ZoneAlarm Free Firewall

This amazing software will make your ports invisible while acting in stealth mode and will also control the access every program installed in your computer to the internet. Nothing comes in or out without the ZoneAlarm permission. Two other great features of this software are the Advanced Identity Protection that will avoid leakage as well as third parties using your personal information and Online Backup to keep your data always safe and sound.

ZoneAlarm Free Firewall 2017

#2 Private Firewall

Private Firewall free

This is a very powerful tool that is fully customizable to better fit your needs and to accommodate different users within the same computer. Profiles with diverse access points such as home, office or remote can be created and given singular security levels. Another great added feature is the app manager to have an even greater control over your computer performance and last, but not least, the traffic filtering that will make sure there is no data leakage from your computer.


#1 Emsisoft Internet Security

emsisoft internet security free

This is the best firewall software, the most complete and powerful tool in the market today. It will deliver an outstanding experience to the end user and have perfect accuracy and performance on each of these six categories:

  1. Anti-Malware: No more hidden files trying to corrupt and export information from your computer.
  2. Firewall Protection: This thick and powerful wall will protect your computer even from threats that can be connected to the same network. Nothing goes through without being checked before.
  3. Internet Surfing Protection: Be secure at all times and feel free to wander around online as much as you like with this software looking after you 24/7.
  4. Safe Online Shopping: If you ever felt scared about giving your credit card number to a page, loose the fear and go crazy with the special offers, you will be protected.
  5. Behavior Blocker: Any suspicious activity will alert this feature even if the malware is not of a known signature yet.
  6. Ransomware Protection: No digital, virtual or human entity will ask you for a ransom ever again.

Emsisoft Internet Security Free

Adding up to all of these, this software will not make your computer slower but it will definitely make it stronger.

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This is an exhaustive list of the best Firewall Software to accommodate those who need an all-in-one solution and those who simply want to have an extra added to the Windows original. So go ahead and choose the one that suits you the best and improves security today.

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7 Best Adware Remover Tools to Protect PC from Unwanted Software


To buy or not to buy a product as well as deciding whether I want to see commercials or not is a freedom I like having. If you enjoy that freedom too, you know how annoying it is to have your own browser trying to sell you something all the time. Well, that is Adware hidden inside our system. How do I get rid of it and go back to my happy place of no-ads web surfing? Simple, install some Adware removing software and you are set to go. But which is the best free Adware remover? That’s something we can help you with, so go ahead and check on these options.

List of Top 7  Free Adware Remover

#7 Bitdefender Adware Removal Tool

adware removal


This very popular brand only offers state of the art scanning technologies for every computer in which it is installed. It works silently in the background and the install file only weights 50 megabytes, making it really light and powerful. This free and easy to use tool will scan the computer, find the bugs and then inform you of any suspicious activity it might find. You can even set this warrior in autopilot, kick back and relax while protected.

Bitdefender Free

#6 Malwarebytes Anti-Malware/Junkware Removal Tool

Junkware Removal Tool

Ever thought about having protection at all times from everything? That’s the feeling you’ll get after downloading this marvelous software. It can be run while you’re off the computer to make the thorough one hour scan quicker and more effective and will accommodate beginners and intermediate computer users since the user interface is really easy to use but the options are very varied. So, no more Adware, Malware, or Rootkit threats while this tool is running, it will scan and protect you from downloading malware, infected advertising, and hacking attempts. Anybody said safe?

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#5 Norton Power Eraser

Norton adware remover

Norton is a well-known historical antivirus company with a sky-high reputation. This is the most powerful portable app in the market to delete and destroy every kind of Malware and Adware from your system. The technology for scanning was recently updated to be more aggressive and the user interface is really easy to get along with. It will allow you to scan the whole system, to scan only a selected operating system or with the ‘reputation scan’ module you can scan a selected folder using Norton Cloud Check. Lastly, it can be run from a USB device, making it the most simple, portable and powerful tool today.

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#4 Spybot Search & Destroy

Spybot adware remover

Set this bad boy loose in your system and every Adware file will tremble. The scanning system is very fast and effective removing all kinds of Adware and the Spyware that is trying to track your web surfing to sell you things you might potentially want. The scan will give you the option of what to remove once the threats were identified and you can even create a ‘white list’ to make scanning faster in the future.

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#3 SUPERAntiSpyware


This software’s name is not by any means short to its true power, this is really a super solution for all the Spyware, Malware, Adware, Trojans, Worms, Hijackers, Parasites, Rootkits and KeyLoggers that might be working on your computer as you’re reading this. It will allow you to take full control of what it does and provide you with options to manage it to your convenience. The scanning can be scheduled and there’s a real-time scan that works for you all the time. It can even repair registry, broken internet connections and desktops, a super solution to minimize a potential super issue on your computer at no cost.

SUPERAntiSpyware Free

#2 AdwCleaner

 adwcleaner Removal Tool

Once you install this software, the experience you have with your computer will be dramatically improved because its performance will be much better without all those bugs like adware, spyware and hacked toolbars among many others.  Once installed and scanning, the program will allow you to choose from all registry entries to decide which you want to delete. It comes in various languages and has the easiest user interface in the world, just click on ‘scan & clean’ and says goodbye to annoying advertising and data leakage.

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#1 Adware Removal Tool by TSA

Adware Removal Tool by TSA

This is state of the art cloud-based software that needs no updating since the database is virtual and continuously growing in real time. There are no secrets and no difficulties to run this powerful tool and there’s no escaping once it is scanning because it is specifically designed to work against Adware in every major browser in the market. Just Scan your computer periodically and forget about Adware forever.

Free Adware Removal Tools

The options in this list will accommodate the beginners as well as the advanced computer users, those looking for many options and those looking for just a couple of buttons, but the best thing about them is that they are all free of charge. Regain your freedom, fight Adware and have a better computer experience today!

Best Beat Making App for Android & iOS


Are you a restless musician getting inspiration on the road, the bus or while having breakfast? Do you want to catch those great moments on the fly? Well, just like everything else in this modern life, you can solve it with your cellphone and for free. It doesn’t matter if you are an electronic music producer, a hip hop artist, a singer-songwriter or just an improvised DJ; there’s an app for it.

This is the top 10 beat making apps for android and iOS

List of Top 10 Free Beat Making App 

#10 Drum Pads 24

This app is a true powerhouse at your fingertips, literally. You can produce your favorite music genre out of two scenes of 12 pads. Create a really good quality track utilizing the EDM sound packs available and record what you’ve just created. If you find yourself to be a little lost, don’t worry, there are some really good explanation videos available on the app itself and on YouTube. Once done, share this with your friends directly and get the feedback needed on the spot.

For Android 

For iOS

#9 Hip Hop Pads

hiphop beat making pads

Are you a nineties kid feeling that retro vibe? Well, just put on your Adidas and download this great app with very true-to-the-original HD sounds that will take you on a time travel. Are you a modern guy? It’s all covered, this app has 90 realistic sounds to fit anyone and everyone interested in a great beat. Feel like Eminem and write down your lines sitting on the bus while listening to your freshly-made awesome beats. Another great thing is that it comes with lessons. From amateur to stadiums in no time!

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#8 Easy Beat Drum Machine

Easy Beat Drum Machine

When creating music, practicing new stuff or just passing time, this great app has an outstanding feature: it will let you import your own track and play on it. You can just practice on somebody else’s music or arrange a drum part for that cool line your bass player just sent you and gain time at your job’s lunch time.

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#7 DigiDrummer Lite

DigiDrummer Lite

If you want to create new and inspiring sounds, this lightweight app will allow you to choose from an astonishing amount of 8 drum kits. You can enjoy them on real high-quality 16 bit samples or play them with your own fingers in a real easy way with the eight drum pads provided.

Get DigiDrummer Here

#6 Real Drum

real drum beat making app

The real thing. We know that drummers suffer space and volume and as cool as it can be for a guitar player to play at the local park, you’re going to be drawing a little too much attention with your full kit. With this app you get to play an actual drum kit with your fingers, being able to choose from 13 real sounding pieces including cymbals.

For Android

For iOS

#5 Figure make music & beats

Figure make music & beats

This is a great app for creating music on the go because you can create the beat, the bass line and also a lead synth on top by just sliding your fingers on the play pad. Great info such as tonality, key and tempo are provided to create an integrated piece. You can share it on Allihoopa for other artists to remix it or develop them.

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#4 Music Maker Jam

Music Maker Jam

This is a great app to practice the art of combining prefabricated sounds to make a brand new one. You have an immense library of loops and get 8 channels to mix them up and create your unique piece. You can also sing? Well, just sing to your phone and include it in the mix. Then, you can share it with the whole Music Maker community around the world.

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#3 IK multimedia Amplitube

IK multimedia Amplitube beat maker

This is truly a powerhouse for guitar players. You get amp models, pedals, a track recorder and even a drummer module to play along and fix a time to your brand new idea. Plug your instrument using an interface or simply the phone built microphone. Let the fun begin!

For iOS

For Android

#2 Virtuoso Piano 2 HD

beat maker app

This is a great app for those who can’t play it yet, but really want to. Ever imagined to use that lost time commuting to work to learn a new skill? This is your chance. All you need is this free app and the willingness to learn, everything else is provided.

Get it here

#1 DJStudio 5

beat making app

Being the soul of the party had never been so easy before; entertain the whole audience with just your thumbs, this app, and your cool mp3 collection. Edit the playlist, add sound effects, filter it, get creative with scratching, loop and pitch and have tons of fun. You can even save the performance and share it on Soundcloud! Need a DJ? Got one!

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This is the best moment in the history of humankind to be a musician, the resources almost infinite. Go ahead and take advantage of the modern age, become the musician you dream of being.

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