AVG License Key for Full Activation 2017

We all need antivirus for protecting our PC from being attacked by a virus. There are many good antiviruses in today’s market. Such a great antivirus is AVG antivirus. AVG, one of the leading antivirus and Internet Security program. It also helps to boost PC performance. So, if anyone is in need of a good antivirus with strong protection along with extra facilities, I would recommend you to buy AVG.

Now a question may arise, “Is it Free?” The answer is “No”. But luckily, for the promotion of the software, the company launched a campaign for free giveaway of free license code. Here, I’ll show you the process of Installing AVG Antivirus with free license code.

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You might look at the AVG key features

  1. The Antivirus stops viruses, malware’s etc. threads to protect PC from potential threats.
  2. Easy to use in latest Windows operating system platforms.
  3. It scans many web links so that user may not get into harmful websites or contents.
  4. AVG Antivirus has a system to warn about spams, E-mails with malware’s etc. so that one can get aware before opening it.
  5. The antivirus gets updated automatically in daily or weekly basis. The virus definitions get updated with it
  6. It monitors and scans every download that we save, so that our PC may not get attacked by virus.
  7. AVG has also a feature of encrypting files so that the privacy is protected. Hence, no outsiders can have access to those files.
  8. AVG comes with 24/7 online support system. So, if there is any issue one can contact with customer care and solve their issues.

Pros, Cons and System requirements of the software are also available below:


  • Good Virus and Malware Detection Rate: According to PC mag it’s virus detection rate is very good. Besides, the antivirus is very much effective against Malware too.
  • Online Shield Works Well: AVG Online Shield blocks almost all threats. It helps us safe surfing through the internet very easily without any sorts of potential threats.
  • AVG Antivirus has a built in Firewall that helps in blocking spammy ads, pop-ups. It works very effectively against many malware and viruses.
  • Free PC Speed up software: It also helps in boosting Windows PC. On the other hand, it is effective against many PC performance deviation tools.
  • Built in File Encryption tool is also an additional feature.
  • It also has a pro link scanner. It protects from many adware and malware.


  1. Although AVG is a good software, it’s user interface is not so good.
  2. Price is not Cheap.
  3. System Resources performance is not appreciable than other antiviruses.

System requirements:

It is almost supported on all operating systems.

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The installation process with AVG license key:

AVG antivirus costs 39$ for 30 days version. But for users, the company has started free 1-year subscription for the promotion of the software.

Firstly, we need to know that we do not need an AVG activation code. The first time installation comes with one year’s free subscription. So we need to do is just go to the website of AVG antivirus and just download it. After installing, free 1-year subscription will be activated.

Download the antivirus from here,

You can also consider:

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So, Enjoy the software.

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