Top 9 CPU Temperature Monitor Software to Protect PC from being Overheated

There are many activities that can overheat our CPU to the point where harm is made to the hardware components. Whether you’re a 3-d artist, a gamer, a music creator or just a heavy computer user that keeps the CPU on for long hours, checking the CPU or GPU temperature is a safety measure not to be overlooked. So, finding the best CPU temp monitor on-line can be a difficult activity given a number of choices available. Let’s take a look at the computer temperature monitor options that we consider the best.

Check CPU Temperature

List of Top 9 Free CPU/GPU Temp

Monitor Program

#9 Speccy

Speccy computer temp monitor

This computer temp monitor will work as a GPU temp monitor as well as a CPU temperature monitor. This lightweight application will detect and use all the sensors that come integrated with your computer to organize the data produced by them and provide you a report of it daily. It can detect any operation problems automatically but will not show any annoying alarms, you can just go for it and operate it manually. It is an amazing free tool for those looking for a simple way to check the temperature.

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#8 HWMonitor

hwmonitor computer temp program

This is another great light-weight CPU temp software option that can even be used on its portable version providing equally accurate results. There’s a ton of free information provided from everyday use like processors voltage and fans usage. The temperature information comes divided into each one of the cores in both Celsius and Fahrenheit to accommodate citizens from all around the world. This fast working app will also allow you to record error-free log files and keep track in the long term.

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#7 RealTemp

real temp computer monitor

As the name indicates, this CPU temp program will allow the user to have a simple display of a real-time temperature check on the processors. Alarms can be set to prevent over-heating and a maximum and minimum temperature are always displayed including the time it happened, so you can keep track of which are the actions that overheat your computer the most. CPU and GPU will remain safe with this software at all times.

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#6 Open Hardware Monitor

open hardware computer temp monitor

This open-source CPU temperature software will also accommodate your GPU and will provide you with the information in an easy and concise way. You can even export the data divided into every processor core, voltages, fans and even memory. It will also provide you with some extra information such as the BUS speed and the load for a more integral approach to your computer’s hardware performance. This is a complete tool for taking care of the hardware side of your computer.

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#5 CPU Thermometer

cpu thermometer computer temp monitor

This might be the simplest tool available today. It is clearly oriented to beginners and displays the data in the most comprehensive way possible showing you two basic and important aspects of the hardware usage, the temperature and also the load on each core so you can keep track of the moments in which you overload the core making it overheat. It is an app that will make temperature monitoring simple, effective and real time.

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#4 EnhanceMySe7en

EnhanceMySe7en computer temp monitor

This software is a complete approach to temperature-checking. It provides the end user with a powerful set of tools to improve performance and check on results at all times. Basics like current CPU/GPU temperature are covered and the addition of fan speed, maximum and minimum temperature, as well as defragmentation, registry cleaning, and startup manager, are a plus. The user interface is very simple and the information is well organized, a definitive instrument for everyday use.

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#3 SpeedFan

speed fan temp monitor

This is a little bit more complex and not so recommended for beginners since it will allow you to make changes to key settings after troubleshooting. Nonetheless, the temperature information is very accurate and will even scan your motherboard, graphics card and any hard drive unit connected to the PC. The ability to control the fans makes it potentially dangerous and also potentially incredible creating plans for different scenarios, allowing the fans on your computer to work extra-hard when you are doing heavy work.

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#2 SIW Portable

siw temp monitor

This complete and user-friendly system information app will provide you with a really comprehensive look to what the hardware on your computer is behaving like. It will also provide you with the correct measurements your computer should have to correct any deviations. The app is very lightweight and the Information is exportable, making it an easy and powerful tool for taking good care of your computer.

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#1 Game Assistant 2

game assistant 2 temp monitor

This is a special PC temp monitor app created for gamers who are worried about their computer temperature as they are reaching the next level and the next and the next. Killing the bad dudes is harder if your computer becomes slower, so this very light app will allow you to check on CPU and GPU temperature, RAM usage and fan speed of both among many others in a very simple way while organizing your games.

Computer Temperature Monitor Free

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This list is complete with some of the best temperature monitoring available for all users from those who are afraid to change something and only want to know what’s going on to those who want to make changes and prepare scenarios for a fully-automated protection on heavy-using moments.

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