Top 8 Driver Updaters to Keep Your Drivers (Auto) Up to date!

Has it ever happened to you that the very moment we need to use our computer desperately to complete the delayed task we need to deliver urgently, the needed program just tells us to wait while it’s updating? It’s a real bummer we can avoid by implementing the use of the best driver update software we can find on the internet. There’s no need to spend hours looking, we did that for you already and here are the top results in the form of a list.

Best Driver Update Software for Both Mac & Windows

So here is the list of 8 best driver updater for your windows computer or Mac.

#8 Driver Max

This is a very accurate driver updater program that provides an easy to use experience for the user and also the ability to go back and forth with the drivers found and installed.  Before downloading any driver, this program will create a backup for all existing drivers on the computer and will allow you to roll back to previous versions if the new one is not better for you.

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#7 Device Doctor

This software is ideal for those who like a little more control over what goes on with updates installation. After checking for drivers in need of update, it will search the internet and provide us with the correct link so we can go ahead and install it ourselves, checking exactly what we want and don’t want. So if you want more control but don’t want to waste your time looking for the links on line, this software is for you.

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#6 Driver Talent

On most computers, the issue is not only the software not being up to date, but also the corrupted driver files we accumulate over time. The solution to these issues is this easy to use and greatly designed software that will update everything at top speed and also fix those corrupted and very often old files that slow our performance down. Let Drive Talent do the work and enjoy a cleaner, faster and more reliable version of your computer.

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#5 SlimDrivers Driver Update Tools

A great feature available in this software is to provide the user with the version and release date of the update to be installed so you can be sure that it is the latest available before downloading it. The software is very complete and will allow you to install, uninstall, backup and update drivers for all your programs. It can be automated or you can do everything manually in those moments when you have literally nothing better to do.

#4 Snappy Driver Installer Utility

There are virtually no limits for this very powerful tool that will allow you to download at limitless speed a limitless amount of drivers. A great feature is that it provides user with the ability to download drivers and install them offline or even export them to be installed on a different computer, so you can download once and install on every device you have. There are no advertisements on the user interface and a portable version of it; there are no reasons for not downloading this today.

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#3 Driver Pack Solution

The easy interface makes this fully automatic update tool a great choice for those who want to use their computer everyday not having to worry or deal with any technical stuff. It can also be operated manually and you can even report to the developers an interface bug. It is a very simple to use tool that will allow you not to worry about updates ever again.

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#2 Free Driver Scout

This amazingly designed tool is very handy for many tasks such as checking for available updates and automatically installing them without having you involved in the process. Another great feature is the ability to migrate program drivers from one Operating System to another in the same computer using the migration tool, allowing the user to restore them too. So, go back and forth and automate everything with this great and free software.

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#1 Driver Booster

This greatly designed and powerful tool can do it all and will work for you all the time without being noticed. It is scheduled in an automatic way to find all those back-dated drivers and download them without even using a browser, avoiding the user to see those installation wizard pop ups that can become very annoying. For those of us who sometimes don’t agree with the developers and like older versions, the Drive Booster will have a system restore point ready before installing an update, allowing you to go back to those beloved little features designers incorrectly thought were awful. Just install it, let it run and keep your system up to date at all times.

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Keeping the computer up to date and clean of all the corrupted and old update files is a serious step forward to having a better experience with it. If you want to automate everything and forget or tailor it all on your own, there are plenty of choices to select from. Check our homepage and get more tech updates.

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