Top 6 Malware Removal Tools To Protect Your Tablet or Smartphone From Malware Attacks!

Is your computer protected with the latest edition of  top notch, state of the art antivirus and antimalware software? Is your Android phone protected the same way? If the answer is no, then you are being unprotected on a key component of your everyday personal life. All photos, all bank accounts, transactions, messages and videos are potentially at risk right now.

Best Malware Removal For Android Phones

In order to stay protected from malwares you need a malware removal tool in your android. There are many malware removal tools available at present. But not all of them are the best. In order not to overlook your phone’s security, we have put together this list of the best virus removal for android and also the best malware removal for android. Be safe starting today!

#6 AVG Antivirus Free for Android


AVG is one of the biggest internet security companies in the world and this is a clear example of why they got so famous. First of all, the antivirus, malware, spyware and adware engine is awesome and it takes care of SMS, apps, media, files making sure there are no bugs in your phone. Another great feature is that there’s a stolen device function that will act together with google maps to bring it back to your hands safe and sound. Last but definitely not least it will take care of checking on high battery usage as well as high resource apps. No wonder why they have over one hundred million active users!

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#5 Bitdefender Antivirus Free For Android

There’s little to say about the company behind this really powerful software that will keep Trojans, virus, Malware, Spyware and any other bug threatening your phone out of its reach. It is a simple and easy to use app that needs no configuration, just download it and it will scan your phone destroying bugs and also create a shield to prevent further infections. This light weight and highly effective app will take only a little resources off your phone, you won’t even notice it’s there but will get the job done.

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#4 CM Security AppLock Antivirus


This award-winning integral solution is a strong and complete app that will take complete control over your smartphone and protect it as if it was Fort Knox. First of all it is a great antivirus and antimalware powered by an engine that got number one award at the AV-TEST to keep you secure at all times. It also provides a fingerprint lock on the system and the apps (for phones supporting that technology) and will take a photo on any intruder entering a wrong password and send it to you through email. Private browsing and chat deletion is also available as well as anti-theft technology and it will scan new apps, system and SD cards to find system vulnerabilities and fix them. This is the perfect app holding integral solutions and an integral protection.

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#3 TrustGo – Antivirus & Mobile Securitytrust-go-antivirus-and-mobile-security-free


This incredible award-winning app is another all-in-one solution for your phone that will destroy all of today’s most dangerous threats to your mobile phone’s security. It will show no mercy to Malware, virus, Adware, Spyware and any other bugs your phone might have. You can have it on schedule scan for it to scan your whole device when you use it the least. Other great features are the safe search and download of all kinds of apps, the system manager to monitor and then manage your system properly, the data backup for all your important information, the privacy guard to protect you and your info and a stolen phone location. Yes, all of that is found in just one app, anybody said complete?

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#2 Avira Antivirus Security


The mammoth computer security company widely acclaimed in the world for its great products is now in the phone security world providing shields for smartphones, tablets and phablets. This powerful tool will protect your phone and all the data inside it, detecting incoming thieves and also protecting all personal files and documents. It can help you discover where your stolen phone is and also work to take very little resources from your system and preserve the battery life. This great app delivers as expected and even more, an awesome tool.

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#1 360 Security – Antivirus Boost


With more than two hundred million users, this is clearly a great app. It offers the end users a solution for the security of their cellphones scanning all the installed and non-installed apps (portable) with the latest technology and removing every virus, Trojans, Adware and Malware found in the way. But this awesome app doesn’t stop there; it provides a speed booster for your phone’s memory, security protection to preserve your identity at all times and will also clean up the junk files to make the running smoother. There’s even an anti-theft solution handy and a battery power save to make it even more complete. Meet the best version of your phone today with this awesome tool.

Download the best malware removal tool for android from Google play.

Keeping your phone clean from virus and all kinds of malware is a must these days in which we do banking transactions from the phone itself and store really important information. Stay safe and download a complete solution today!

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