Bitdefender License Key for Full Activation 2017

Should I pay as much attention to viruses and malware on my phone as I do on my computer? That question has one simple answer. YES. By all means, YES! The same if not more, we spend hours and handle very important information through our phones every day. Being unprotected is a very bad choice. Bit Defender Mobile Security can very well change that situation, so let’s see how to get it for free.

Which are the Benefits of Adding Bitdefender to my Android Phone?

Bitdefender is a great tool very light and powerful that will remove any malware, viruses or spyware you might have on your phone right now and then continue to protect it from further infections in the future. It performs all these tasks very easily while running in the background and using almost no memory resources.

  • Provide your phone with the latest technology of cloud-based data continuously updating in real time.
  • The automatic Shield will activate and create full protection around your phone and information.
  • Say goodbye to any unwanted spam trying to access your phone and annoy you.
  • Anti-theft service can be activated remotely so you can find your device wherever it may be through the built-in GPS.
  • No impact on the CPU of your phone, you won’t even notice it is being protected and will not feel any difference in everyday use. It won’t get slower but it might get faster without all those bugs draining your RAM.

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How Can I Get Bitdefender Mobile Security Key?

Well, the whole package for the antivirus and anti-malware app is about $9.99 for a whole year of protection, but is it possible to get the Bitdefender license key? Of course, it is. Just follow the steps below;

  1. First of all, you need to go on and visit the page in which they are having a promotional giveaway. You can access that page while it is still open or you can also download the free version of this great antivirus. Visit this page to get Free Bitdefender license key
  2. Place your valid email address inside the box provided. It is very important that this is a valid address to which you have access right now because you need to get a code.
  3. Show you are not a robot and click on the ‘Captcha button‘.
  4. After you’ve done that and as long as the giveaway is working, you have to click on the ‘Get free license’
  5. Check your email address because you have a new message with a Bitdefender Key that will allow you to use this great app for free for six months, more than enough time to clean up your phone and also protect it from unwanted presences. The License Key will be valid for seven days, so you should use it immediately.

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Keeping your phone safe is the only option nowadays because the ways of hacking it are becoming easier and more common. Do not lose another minute, go ahead and download the license key for this powerful tool and next time you make a money transfer or purchase from your phone, you’ll feel safer and better.

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