Top 8 Volume Booster for Android Phone to Get the Best Sound Quality

Android Volume Booster

As time goes by everything centers more and more on our cell phones. Most of the things happening in our lives occur with them in our hands. Music is no different, so how do we do to make them sound louder when we get together with our friends or the subway or the bus are really noisy? The answer is very simple; we need the best volume booster app for Android installed and properly working at all times. There’s no need to go through hours of browsing to find the most suitable one, we bring you the best choices in this list, so go ahead, check it out and start having a better experience today.

List of 8 Best Android Volume Booster

#8 Easy Volume Booster

Easy Volume Booster

Ever wanted to make your phone sound like a Hi Fi system that you can hold in the palm of your hands? Well, all paths lead to this app. It sounds great when turned all the way up and also sounds wonderful when playing real low volume, just like it should. The Boost can be made on music, alarms or even notifications, making it very easy to accommodate to different situations. Did we mention it looks great too? Well, it does.

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#7 Volume Booster Pro

Volume Booster Pro

This great tool might have the easiest user interface you have ever seen, there is a one touch approach to every aspect on the app. Turn the volume up to the maximum with one touch, or turn it completely off and go into silent mode with only one touch too. The whole app can be shut down and go back to normal whenever you feel like it and yes, you guessed correctly it is done with only one touch too. The tool can be used independently on one function of your phone or with all of them.

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#6 Volume Booster GOODEV

Volume Booster GOODEV

This is a great app for those looking for extreme simplicity and no frills. The menu is as simple as it gets and it doesn’t feature any confusing extras, just straight to the point perfect performance. It only weights 1,5MB making it incredibly light and applicable to every phone, no matter how much memory left you have. This is an efficient android volume booster, period.

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#5 DIVI Volume Booster

DIVI Volume Booster

This is a great app for those who have a developed ear and want to fine tune the audio on their cell phone whether it is for plugging it into a speaker or your headphones. This awesome tool contains a separate tab for you to calibrate the sound settings until you just love the sound you hear. You can even do fine tuning on the fly by adding frequencies such as bass, mid or treble depending on the situation and the music being played. The amount the sound can be boosted it is up to an astonishing forty percent with a very good quality. Sound like a pro and very, very loud by installing this app weighting only 3,5MB.

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#4 Easy Volume Control

Easy Volume Control

This is another incredibly light app that will take full control over the sounds your phone does (or doesn’t do) allowing you to boost the volume with one touch or even go to silent or vibrate only mode. The app will even remember your settings for speakers or headphone and you can switch between them depending on the situation. It is a great working, small and free app that should be on every smartphone.

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#3 Wait What Volume Booster

Wait What Volume Booster

Don’t be misled by the app’s funny name, it is a very serious volume booster for your android phone. It features a big and orange Boost Button that’s impossible to miss, on top of that you will find a set of faders to settle the different volumes between the Media and the Notifications, so you won’t be disturbed while you’re favorite tune is playing full-on.

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#2 Volume Booster Sound

Volume Booster Sound

This awesome app takes care of the volume but also does an integral scanning of the channels available not to break any internal software or hardware feature of your phone, looking for your phone’s health and durability while boosting volume and sounding great. You can turn it on and off whenever you like at all times, a great tool.

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#1 Ultimate Volume Booster

Ultimate Volume Booster

Once you have installed this awesome app you’re just one click away from an incredible experience with your cell phone since this powerful tool will give you a boost of up to thirty to forty percent. But it doesn’t only work on music, it will boost the volume on every app installed on the phone including phone calls, notifications, and games. Another key feature is the control of the audio quality, which is super important because loud and dirty is actually noisy, but loud and good-sounding is great.

Android Volume Booster

So, starts having the best experience today with this volume boosters. To make sure you don’t annoy anyone by listening to the music you love, go ahead and plug in your headphones, it works great on them too.

Top 6 Free PDF Creator Software Reviews 2017

free pdf creator

Ever tried to convert a single or even multiple files into PDF for safe sharing? If you tried that, you know that many times it’s not easily done. So, in order to find the best software to do it, a thorough internet research has to be done over hundreds or maybe thousands of different pages and products coming out every day. Don’t worry, you’ve come to the right place and we took care of that for you. Keep on reading these PDF creator reviews we have put together for you and download the one that fits your needs the best.

6 Best PDF Creator Reviews

#6 Primo PDF

Primo PDF

This great tool can convert any file into PDF, there’s a chance to drag and drop the files you want to put into the mix and create a brand new one. It will take all kinds of files extensions and the user interface is as friendly and easy as it can be. It also works for eBook creation allowing your writing to be in everybody’s favorite e-reader by tomorrow. Another awesome feature is that it will let you add a password to protect your files and also print it straight from the program itself. This is indeed an all-in-one tool that will help you in many ways to have a better experience when creating PDF files.

Download Free

#5 PDF24 Creator

PDF24 Creator

This very popular software will allow you to create and read PDF files in a breeze. It offers basic editing functions such as merging, extracting and splitting among many others. It offers an addition of an online PDF converter for you to convert files in a breeze wherever you are and receive them almost immediately to your e-mail inbox with no need to install anything or even from your cellphone. This is a great and complete tool that will take care of the basics for you without creating any problems.

Get it Free

#4 Bull ZIP PDF Printer

Bull zip PDF creator

This is a great tool for all those professionals who work with their PDF files to share their work and also for visual artists or writers who are looking forward to having their name added without hassle and anywhere, because this great and very light software will allow them to add a watermark to every file they need to and also protect them with a password for safe sharing and storing. It will also allow you to encrypt your file into 128 bits and print them anywhere you go. It is very stable and a great choice for the basics and on-the-fly additions.

Download PDF Printer Free

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#3 PDF Creator

Free PDF Creator

You can either download or use it as a portable PDF Creator and as its motto says, it is “the ONLY customizable PDF editor”. As much as that is true, the user interface can be a little difficult to get used to especially for the most advanced settings but it really is a very powerful tool that can open the field for many options and things to do with your PDF files. One of the main things to point out is that it will allow you to change the Meta Data on any given file, which can many times be a headache because the author and the collaborators are all very important pieces of information to be included.

Free PDF Creator

#2 PDF Redirect

free PDF Redirect

This is a great and really simple tool that will allow you to do multiple things to your PDF files such as merging and encrypting effortlessly. Another key feature of this great tool is that it will allow you to preview your PDF file as you’re creating it so you can monitor the strong points and the weak points on the spot. We support the line they were given “It’s really that simple”. Believe us, it really is.

Get it here

#1 doPDF

doPDF creator

With over 20 million downloads, this very easy to use, powerful and popular software can take all the different files extensions such as .tiff, .html, and even JPEG and turn them into one big and mighty.PDF file in no time. It will allow you to select the kind of PDF you want to have as the output, that way you can have the big and high-quality ones for printing banners and smaller more lightweight ones for web usage. The program supports 32 and 64 bits and will search for updates on its own, so you will get the best version at all times automatically. The interface is multi-language and will take almost no resources from your computer. This is a great tool that’s highly effective and usable for anyone, from occasional users to full-on commercial companies.

Free doPDF

Be a part of the world population who want to keep it green and instead of printing that document and delivering it in a physical format, why not creating a PDF file to share it securely and unmodified? Of course, if you want to print it anyways, these are the best options available too.

To know the latest tech updates, check

Top 9 Free PDF Editor Software Reviews 2017

Free PDF Editor Software

PDF files were known to be a final version of something created because they couldn’t be edited. But that sentence is in past tense because, with the following list of programs, we can modify those files in any way we want to super easy and fast. So whether you are an artist, a writer or just an every-day PDF-files user, there’s a program in this list that will suit your exact needs. Let’s take a look at some PDF editor reviews, so you can go ahead and choose the best one for you today!

9 Best PDF Editor Reviews

#9 Lnkscape

Lnkscape pdf editor

This used to be a digital graphical editor, but it has expanded to accommodate PDF files too. It will allow the user to open the PDF and add any kind of extra images or art it up and then save it again as PDF. Another great addition is the ability to export any graphical you have created into a PDF file for sharing.

Free Lnkscape

#8 Ableword

Ableword pdf editor

Every writer knows that downloading or having a PDF file and working in a word processor is a real nightmare since we go back and forth and it’s very difficult most of the times to copy and paste all the info. Nightmare is over, Ableword will allow you to do word processing straight from their platform and also do PDF to Word conversions in a breeze. Anybody asked for compatibility?

Get it Free

#7 Icecream PDF Split & Merge

PDF Split & Merge

The name is a perfect reflection of what this program is capable of, melting multiple flavors into one tasty piece. You can split, merge and combine any PDF files without ever following any restrictions, not even password-protected files can resist. The merging can end up being a flash file and it all can be done in a breeze, you will also receive a PDF reader with it. Let your flavors melt into a brand new creation today!

Download Free

#6 Foxit Reader

Foxit pdf Reader

This is an expandable PDF reader that will turn your computer into a whole new powerhouse for PDF editing, modifying and creating. Among the many features built in this reader, you can have several tabs with different PDF files and modify them all into one. The Foxit is completely free and super light, a great addition for everyday use.

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#5 Apache Open Office

Apache Open Office

This is a very popular software with over one hundred million downloads historically. It is much more powerful than a simple PDF files manager or modifier but it will also take care of that for you and give you a ton of other features for free. The Word processor in it is very powerful and will take care of all your writing needs whether you want to format a PDF file further or create it from scratch. This is definitely a greatly powerful tool with many options at hand.

Get Apache Free

#4 PDFedit


This amazing and powerful tool can be used to customize a PDF file or to create a brand new one; you can even extract the information from an existing file and then use it to build another kind of files such as a .doc or .docx file. It is fully loaded with templates for the creation of brand new files and the graphical interface is great for long hours of use and really easy to use, you’ll find yourself using it for the very first time and feeling like you know it forever.

Get it here

#3 PDFill PDF Editor

PDFill PDF Editor

This software is uniquely developed to perform amazingly well with PDF files, it is not an all-in-one software by any means, it is designed to crop and reorder, redesign, add or remove images and also take care of the encryption and decryption of them. This powerful tool will even allow the end user to convert images to PDF and it is really light, having absolutely no impact on your computer’s performance. Do it all on PDF, do it all on the PDFill Editor.

Get the Latest Version Free

#2 PDF-Xchange viewer

 PDF-Xchange viewer

This is not just another PDF reader running loose over the net, it is a really powerful tool to do some advanced editing to any existing file you have in your library. The most interesting features (which are plenty) can be found on the paid version, but the free version is a great add-on to every PDF user computer, allowing you to perform changes and do lots of things with it. Don’t hesitate and try the free version today.

Download Free

#1 iSkysoft PDF Editor

iSkysoft PDF Editor

This is a great software addition for modern life students who like reading from PDF files on their computer and do some annotation and markup on them. This powerful tool will also allow them to create new files from other programs like Word, Excel or even PowerPoint and also encrypt them by adding a password. The user interface is really easy to use and the best of it all is that it won’t take much of your time to complete any tasks since it’s really easy to use.

Free PDF Editor

Get more utility software here

These are the options to accommodate different users, some lighter, some more powerful, some free and some with paid upgrades. Go for the one you liked the most and start enjoying your PDF files even more today.

Top 8 Sound Booster for Headphones to Improve Sound Quality

Top 8 Sound Booster for Headphones

Streets are noisy places and more when they are crowded. The same thing happens when we talk about subways and buses. It happens all the time, your favorite guitar solo comes along and the train hits the brakes full-on or the person next to you starts laughing and the guitar and the solo and the whole band is lost in the urban noise around you. How do we stop this from happening? Very easy, we just pump up the volume! Here are the best apps for having your music on top of everyday noises, the best headphone volume booster.

8 Best Volume Booster for Headphones

#8 Speaker Booster

Speaker Booster

The lightest, smallest app in the market with only 47k of storage space needed and almost no permissions required, this awesome and tiny tool will help you out without asking anything in return. This app can be easily turned off with just one tap, will let you choose independent volumes for music and notifications and has the simplest user interface in the world. This tool will cover exactly what you need and keep it really simple.

Get it Free

#7 Bass Booster

Bass Booster

This app will give you that pump the music needs at lower volumes, making everything sound much bigger. It comes with nine equalizers presets to apply to your kind of headphones and your personal taste. The presets can be modified, making options available virtually infinite. But don’t be fooled by a number of options available, the user interface is very simple and intuitive; you will find the best configuration in no time and enjoy the extra kick. Of course, it is very easily deactivated and can act as a home screen widget.

Download Free

#6 Ultimate Volume Booster

Ultimate Volume Booster

This is a really loud app; the overall volume increase in your phone’s system is of 23%! That’s quite a lot and is very useful for all the music lovers who want to hear every arrangement and sonic layer their favorite band recorded for them. You can use a simple one tap boosting or can also go for the tweaking and select a dedicated volume level for each feature on your phones such as media, notifications, and alarms. The boosting is very clean and will improve the sound quality on most phones. It works on speakers too.

Get it Here

#5 Volume Booster Pro

Volume Booster Pro

With a very good looking user interface, this tiny and powerful app will provide you with a clean boost for your phone and let you choose what to boost and how much. There’s a MAX mode in which you crank everything up to eleven and also a mode in which you can dial in exactly how much you want. There’s also a great one tap boost option especially useful for critical moments. This is a great looking, simple app that will get the job done always.

Download Booster Pro

#4 Volume Booster

Volume Booster

Ever wanted your headphones to sound like a full-on 18” speaker with those huge lows making you feel the beat? Well, this app is exactly what you need then. It doesn’t boost the actual maximum volume your phone can produce, but will surely make you feel it is louder because of the extra pump the bass receives. The user interface is beautifully crafted and the app is really small once installed. After you have dialed in the right amount needed, there’s a one-touch boost system. You can boost (or not boost) everything separately (notifications, alarm, media) so you can enjoy music and not be disturbed by messages and other notifications.

 Get Volume Booster Free

#3 Sound Booster

Sound Booster

This is another insanely loud app providing up to a 30% volume increase on your smartphone. It can be kept in the notification bar if wanted for easy access and one tap volume boosting. The user interface is as intuitive as it gets and this tool will allow you to dial in different volumes for every sound your phone produces, allowing music to sound over notifications all day long. It is a very simple and easy to use app that will bring life to your headphones once again by boosting volumes.

Sound Booster for Headphones

#2 Volume Booster GOODE

Volume Booster GOODE

With a user interface that can be considered as sober and useful, this tiny little app will get the job done and boost the volume on your phone without any kind of hassles or endless menus. The full capability of your phone volume will be reached and you can manage both things: phone volume and boost percentage on that selected volume. The size is only 1.5MB and it is completely free of charge. Download it today and use your phone’s true maximum volume right now!

Download Free

#1 Divi Volume Booster

Divi Volume Booster

This is the loudest app in the list increasing your phone’s volume the astonishing amount of 40%! This is possible because this great app will improve definition while making it louder and so make your phone sound like a huge sound system. There are many items to be dialed in, so you can make it more of your preference all the time. It works great with the speakers and with your favorite headphones. Sound loud and like a pro starting today!

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Here is the best headphone volume booster to increase volume and better sound quality. Having your music on top of everyday noises!!

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Top 6 PC Optimization Software Of This Month!


As we all know, your computer’s performance and the actual potential it might have can be very different from each other. So, how do we close the gap and forget about those annoying “(not responding)” signs we get when working on multiple stuff at the same time? The answer is very simple and you don’t need any technician to tell you that you have to give them your computer and wait for days to have it back, you just need a PC maintenance software to optimize your Personal Computer.

Best PC Maintenance Software

There are hundreds of PC optimization software available in the market today. If you don’t have insight knowledge about this software, it might be harder for you to choose a software suits your needs. We have gathered the best PC optimizer software in this article. You only need to choose from the following list, download the best one and close the gap today. So here’s the list of the best PC maintenance software available out there.

#6 Ashampoo Win Optimizer


This is a great Windows optimizer that can do it all in one click or it can let you tailor it to your own taste. All temporary files and internet caches will be gone in seconds just like any other useless files making your computer slower or unstable. This great software provides optimization for large apps usage just like games or heavy programs, keeping an eye on your system at all times to maximize performance on critical moments and doing other minor tasks like choosing programs for startup. This is a great tool for many things that will keep your computer running smoother than ever. Download this PC optimization software from here.

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#5 Slimware Utilities – SlimCleaner Free


Believe it or not, this is the world’s first system utilities tool. The improved with time and really powerful cleaning engine will make a thorough and deep scrubbing of your system’s guts and even offer a cloud-based optimization engine for state of the art technology all the time. Other features offered are duplicator-finder, apps uninstalling or updating, disk defragmentation and hijack logs, it can even be run on a portable version. Put your computer on a diet, lose all that extra weight making her slower and make her slim again. Just download Slimware Utilities SlimCleaner Free.

#4 Advanced System Optimizer


This truly is, as it names claims, an advanced option due to its many features that can be enjoyed in every aspect of your computer experience. Every time you attempt to make a change in your system, it will create a restore point for maximum security. It will optimize the PC for gamers, making them run smoother and faster without downloading any other tool. This incredible software is so complete that will even go ahead and update the drivers on all the software in your computer. Last but definitely not least is the ability to optimize and defragment your disk to avoid any possible crashes and load your files way faster. A great tool for those who like to go in and see what it’s going on. Download it from here.

#3 AVG TuneUp Utilities


The moment you step into computer land, you hear about this company. AVG is one of the top companies in the world to provide security and optimization to more than 180 million users across the globe. It can act over more than 200 apps on your computer as well as optimizing and cleaning up your computer in many ways such as disk defragmentation, programs uninstalling, selecting what will be started with your computer. There’s also a turbo mode for you to engage the nitro on your PC when doing heavy processing or running big apps. There’s a manual mode for those tech-savvy people and also an automatic mode for you to optimize your computer with one click. This is a great tool from a great company. Download AVG PC Tuneup software now to make your computer run faster…

#2 System Mechanic


Something’s wrong? Call the mechanic! As it happens with cars, just let the professionals do the hard work and wait to see the amazing results. Once installed, this awesome PC optimization software will automatically work on more than 50 services your PC is running every day all day long. It will also take care of cleaning any unused and old stuff your PC has laying around and will improve dramatically the speed when browsing by unleashing the real internet speed your computer can handle. Another cool feature is that there’s a security and privacy protection side to the software that will allow you to do everything without worrying about hackers, malware or anything like that. Just leave it all to professionals. Get this best pc maintenance software now to smoothen your PC operations.

#1 Advanced System Care


This is an utterly complete package that will make your computer work like it has never done it before. This could very well be thought of as the best PC optimizer out there and is the main choice of over 250 million users –they can’t all be wrong, can they?- and can make your computer 300% faster than it already is. It will also take care of the startup and will make it be ready 200% faster than ever before. Among the many features, you’ll get the usual disk defragmentation, RAM cleans up, registry fix and will even boost internet browsing speed, so you can feel like Silver Surfer and just go on for hours smoothly going with the shiny board over your favorite pages. Download this Best PC Optimizer now for your computer to run faster and better than ever.

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These are the best PC Optimizer software that are trending on the market this year. We will keep updating this list if some new software does its job accordingly and satisfy it’s users needs. You can visit out TopTechTalks page for more software and tech information.

How to Check Laptop Temperature Easily


Checking on your laptop’s temperature is a healthy habit if you want it to last a long time in your hands. All sort of things can happen inside if it overheats, but the worst of them all is the melting of the inner components. So how do we avoid that from happening? We bring you three methods to keep her cool and chilling 24/7.

3 Methods to Check Laptop Temperature

How to Check Laptop Temperature

Method #1 – Dedicated software usage

There are lots of different software providers that have created apps designed especially for checking CPU temperature on your laptop, so to check the laptop temperature you should really find the best that suits you better, once you’ve done that:

  1. Use it! That’s right, downloading and installing isn’t enough, you should learn how to use it properly and do that on a regular basis.
  2. Learn from it: This means that you should be aware of results and try to take action against them in order to help the cooling of your laptop.
  3. Keep track You should really keep track of heat peaks during the day, most software providers allow you to set up alarms for it.

You can use this tools to check temperature & protect your laptops from being overheated; Top 10 Laptop Temperature Monitor

It is something usually overlooked by many of us, but installing a heat controlling software is as important as installing an antivirus.

Method #2 – Using your laptop’s BIOS

Computers can provide the information that the software explained above help providing you but the steps to be followed to get that information straight from the source are really annoying and will make you stop doing what you are doing at the moment, let’s take a look at how to do it.

  1. Going into the BIOS menu: This is exactly why we say that the process is annoying. To get to this menu, you need to restart your laptop and press the selected key while it is booting in order to avoid your operating system to load. Every laptop has its designated key but is really important to press it real time.
  2. Look for it in the menu (don’t be afraid): The BIOS menu is really old school interface and most of us find it terrifying to modify something and not be able to use our laptops ever again. Don’t be afraid that don’t change anything at all, very important information is processed here. Look for the Hardware Monitor option and check right there the menu that says CPU Temperature and it will give you the exact temperature in Fahrenheit and Celsius.

Laptop BIOS Setup Program

The issue with this method is that it will show you the temperature of your laptop only when it is booting and you will never know if that video editing program is making her overheat or if the newest game you’ve acquired is just too much for her.

Is your Computer becoming hot? Try this; 9 Best Computer Temperature Monitor

Method #3 – The easy way

There are some manufacturers nowadays that will place a little clock on the casing of your laptop in order to make your life easier and help you know at all times if your laptop is overheating or is working fine. This is still rare these days but as soon as manufacturers acknowledge it as an attribute and a difference they can make to compete with other companies, they will sure make it a market standard.

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As working involves the use of our laptops more and more, we tend to fill them with all kinds of information and programs spending more and more time on them every day. Keeping them on all day long and installing more and heavier programs to complete multiple tasks makes temperature controlling critical at all times. Doing so will increase health and the life cycle of our laptops.

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Top 10 Laptop Temperature Monitor Software that you Need


Do you feel like your laptop is becoming too hot!…..then you are not alone. We all face such problems in our daily lives. But in some cases, laptops may feel hot initially. There are many reasons of laptop’s CPU becoming hot.

Why is the Temperature a Factor?

The answer is, there may be many problems due to overheating. When a laptop computer overheats, it can cause serious damage to the memory and hard drive. The heat from the Laptops can also cause injury to the user. It can also cause burning and scorch marks on the surface of the table or desk where it’s sitting.

However, it is not so hard to check the temperature of a laptop computer for avoiding these problems. Check Laptop Temperature here

Are there Softwares to Protect Laptops from being Overheated?

There are many software available online for overheating of laptops. A list of free 10 laptop temperature monitor software is as follows;

List of Top 10 Free Laptop Temp Monitor

#10 Speccy

Speccy laptop temp monitor

When it comes to a software that shows almost all necessary geeky stats, speccy is the first one we talk about. It is one of the best laptop overheating control software. It gives you detailed information on every piece of hardware on your laptop. It scans your laptop for stats like CPU, motherboard, RAM, graphics cards and more. See everything made easy out for you in one clean interface. It also allows you to save your scan results directly as a snapshot, XML or text file for easy sharing.

Handy for making sure your new laptop computer has the right specifications, or if technical support needs to diagnose an issue with your laptop computer.

It supports Windows XP/Vista/7/8 OS platforms.

Get Speccy Free

#9 HW Monitor

HW laptop temp monitor

It is a program that reads main health sensors of  Laptop’s: temperatures, fans speed, voltage etc. The program controls almost all common sensor chips, like ITE® IT87 series, Winbond® ICs etc. It can read modern CPUs on thermal sensors, as well has hard drives temperature.

Get it Free

#8 Real Temp

RealTemp laptop monitor

Real temp is designed for almost all processors. It is very much effective in controlling CPU overheating.

Monitors temperature information from Intel Core based processors. Pentium 4 processors are not supported. It has an ability to calibrate Temp. for each core of your CPU. The program is based on gathering many data for CPU temperatures using a Fluke 62 IR Thermometer. The Test Sensors feature will check DTS sensors for all sorts of problems. No installation or registry modifications required. Support for Windows 2000 / XP / Vista / Windows 7 (32/64 bit)

Download Free

#7 Open Hardware Monitor

Open Hardware laptop temp monitor

The Open Hardware Monitor is compatible with almost all the hardware monitoring chips found in the present mainboard. The values or stats can be displayed in the main window, with a customizable desktop gadget and also in the system tray.

The free Open Hardware Monitor software runs on 32-bit and 64-bit Microsoft Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10 and any x86 based Linux operating systems.

Get it here

#6 CPU Thermometer

CPU thermometer temp monitor

CPU Thermometer is one of the useful CPU Temperature monitors; it helps you to monitor your laptop computer CPU temperature in live time. A program can show live status on the main tray too. This is one completely freeware, easy to install and easy to use.

Download Free

Is your CPU becoming hot? Try this; 9 Best CPU Temperature Monitor

#5 EnhanceMySe7en

EnhanceMySe7en laptop temp monitor

The only limitation of this software is, It is available only for Windows 7 OS. Other than that it is a perfect laptop maintenance tool. The program offers tools that take care of the registry, disk space and its defragmentation, installed software, HDD temperature and all sorts of things related to system’s health. Also, there are lots of other options helping to boost your system’s performance:

  • Start-Up Management – Disable unnecessary software increasing performance
  • Registry Cleaner – Easily check your registry and repair incorrectly linked registry entries
  • Disk Cleaner – Find and delete unnecessary files from your disks
  • Disk Defragmenter – Reduce the amount of fragmentation in file systems
  • Hard Drive Monitor – Get hard disks temperature, performance, up-time etc.

Get EnhanceMySe7en Free

#4 SpeedFan

SpeedFan laptop temp monitor

Speed fan is also a very useful laptop temperature monitor system that helps to control fan speeds.

Speed Fan is compatible with almost all Windows OS platforms. It works with Windows 64 bit too.

Get the Latest Version Free

#3 SIW Portable

SIW Portable laptop temp program

SIW Portable is a software that comes up with many pieces of information about HDD, RAM, CPU temperatures etc. Though not popular it is a very useful software too. Yet no one prefers to use it.

Since it’s portable, it leaves no registry behind.

Get it here

#2 MooO System Monitor

MooO system temperature monitor

Moo0 system monitor lets you watch over system resource usages of your laptop

It can support up to 36 kinds of information including RAM usages, HDD etc. Using It, you may discover what is limiting your system performance in each occasion.

Get  MooO System Free

#1 HW info

 HW info temp monitor

HWinfo is a software for Windows that gives a quick overview, as well as a detailed look, at hardware components.

You can also see many hardware reports that can be saved for many purposes too. But it is a least popular software.

Its weak point is that it does not serve geeky stats in details hence not a preferable software to nerds.

Best Laptop Temperature Monitor

Get more utility software here

This is the complete list of some best laptop temperature monitor program free for all the laptop users to protect laptop from being overheated.

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Top 9 CPU Temperature Monitor Software to Protect PC from being Overheated


There are many activities that can overheat our CPU to the point where harm is made to the hardware components. Whether you’re a 3-d artist, a gamer, a music creator or just a heavy computer user that keeps the CPU on for long hours, checking the CPU or GPU temperature is a safety measure not to be overlooked. So, finding the best CPU temp monitor on-line can be a difficult activity given a number of choices available. Let’s take a look at the computer temperature monitor options that we consider the best.

Check CPU Temperature

List of Top 9 Free CPU/GPU Temp

Monitor Program

#9 Speccy

Speccy computer temp monitor

This computer temp monitor will work as a GPU temp monitor as well as a CPU temperature monitor. This lightweight application will detect and use all the sensors that come integrated with your computer to organize the data produced by them and provide you a report of it daily. It can detect any operation problems automatically but will not show any annoying alarms, you can just go for it and operate it manually. It is an amazing free tool for those looking for a simple way to check the temperature.

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#8 HWMonitor

hwmonitor computer temp program

This is another great light-weight CPU temp software option that can even be used on its portable version providing equally accurate results. There’s a ton of free information provided from everyday use like processors voltage and fans usage. The temperature information comes divided into each one of the cores in both Celsius and Fahrenheit to accommodate citizens from all around the world. This fast working app will also allow you to record error-free log files and keep track in the long term.

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#7 RealTemp

real temp computer monitor

As the name indicates, this CPU temp program will allow the user to have a simple display of a real-time temperature check on the processors. Alarms can be set to prevent over-heating and a maximum and minimum temperature are always displayed including the time it happened, so you can keep track of which are the actions that overheat your computer the most. CPU and GPU will remain safe with this software at all times.

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#6 Open Hardware Monitor

open hardware computer temp monitor

This open-source CPU temperature software will also accommodate your GPU and will provide you with the information in an easy and concise way. You can even export the data divided into every processor core, voltages, fans and even memory. It will also provide you with some extra information such as the BUS speed and the load for a more integral approach to your computer’s hardware performance. This is a complete tool for taking care of the hardware side of your computer.

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#5 CPU Thermometer

cpu thermometer computer temp monitor

This might be the simplest tool available today. It is clearly oriented to beginners and displays the data in the most comprehensive way possible showing you two basic and important aspects of the hardware usage, the temperature and also the load on each core so you can keep track of the moments in which you overload the core making it overheat. It is an app that will make temperature monitoring simple, effective and real time.

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#4 EnhanceMySe7en

EnhanceMySe7en computer temp monitor

This software is a complete approach to temperature-checking. It provides the end user with a powerful set of tools to improve performance and check on results at all times. Basics like current CPU/GPU temperature are covered and the addition of fan speed, maximum and minimum temperature, as well as defragmentation, registry cleaning, and startup manager, are a plus. The user interface is very simple and the information is well organized, a definitive instrument for everyday use.

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#3 SpeedFan

speed fan temp monitor

This is a little bit more complex and not so recommended for beginners since it will allow you to make changes to key settings after troubleshooting. Nonetheless, the temperature information is very accurate and will even scan your motherboard, graphics card and any hard drive unit connected to the PC. The ability to control the fans makes it potentially dangerous and also potentially incredible creating plans for different scenarios, allowing the fans on your computer to work extra-hard when you are doing heavy work.

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#2 SIW Portable

siw temp monitor

This complete and user-friendly system information app will provide you with a really comprehensive look to what the hardware on your computer is behaving like. It will also provide you with the correct measurements your computer should have to correct any deviations. The app is very lightweight and the Information is exportable, making it an easy and powerful tool for taking good care of your computer.

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#1 Game Assistant 2

game assistant 2 temp monitor

This is a special PC temp monitor app created for gamers who are worried about their computer temperature as they are reaching the next level and the next and the next. Killing the bad dudes is harder if your computer becomes slower, so this very light app will allow you to check on CPU and GPU temperature, RAM usage and fan speed of both among many others in a very simple way while organizing your games.

Computer Temperature Monitor Free

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This list is complete with some of the best temperature monitoring available for all users from those who are afraid to change something and only want to know what’s going on to those who want to make changes and prepare scenarios for a fully-automated protection on heavy-using moments.

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Top 8 Driver Updaters to Keep Your Drivers (Auto) Up to date!


Has it ever happened to you that the very moment we need to use our computer desperately to complete the delayed task we need to deliver urgently, the needed program just tells us to wait while it’s updating? It’s a real bummer we can avoid by implementing the use of the best driver update software we can find on the internet. There’s no need to spend hours looking, we did that for you already and here are the top results in the form of a list.

Best Driver Update Software for Both Mac & Windows

So here is the list of 8 best driver updater for your windows computer or Mac.

#8 Driver Max

This is a very accurate driver updater program that provides an easy to use experience for the user and also the ability to go back and forth with the drivers found and installed.  Before downloading any driver, this program will create a backup for all existing drivers on the computer and will allow you to roll back to previous versions if the new one is not better for you.

Get it here

#7 Device Doctor

This software is ideal for those who like a little more control over what goes on with updates installation. After checking for drivers in need of update, it will search the internet and provide us with the correct link so we can go ahead and install it ourselves, checking exactly what we want and don’t want. So if you want more control but don’t want to waste your time looking for the links on line, this software is for you.

Download Free

#6 Driver Talent

On most computers, the issue is not only the software not being up to date, but also the corrupted driver files we accumulate over time. The solution to these issues is this easy to use and greatly designed software that will update everything at top speed and also fix those corrupted and very often old files that slow our performance down. Let Drive Talent do the work and enjoy a cleaner, faster and more reliable version of your computer.

Official link

#5 SlimDrivers Driver Update Tools

A great feature available in this software is to provide the user with the version and release date of the update to be installed so you can be sure that it is the latest available before downloading it. The software is very complete and will allow you to install, uninstall, backup and update drivers for all your programs. It can be automated or you can do everything manually in those moments when you have literally nothing better to do.

#4 Snappy Driver Installer Utility

There are virtually no limits for this very powerful tool that will allow you to download at limitless speed a limitless amount of drivers. A great feature is that it provides user with the ability to download drivers and install them offline or even export them to be installed on a different computer, so you can download once and install on every device you have. There are no advertisements on the user interface and a portable version of it; there are no reasons for not downloading this today.

Get snappy driver

#3 Driver Pack Solution

The easy interface makes this fully automatic update tool a great choice for those who want to use their computer everyday not having to worry or deal with any technical stuff. It can also be operated manually and you can even report to the developers an interface bug. It is a very simple to use tool that will allow you not to worry about updates ever again.

Get driver pack solution

#2 Free Driver Scout

This amazingly designed tool is very handy for many tasks such as checking for available updates and automatically installing them without having you involved in the process. Another great feature is the ability to migrate program drivers from one Operating System to another in the same computer using the migration tool, allowing the user to restore them too. So, go back and forth and automate everything with this great and free software.

Download Driver scout

#1 Driver Booster

This greatly designed and powerful tool can do it all and will work for you all the time without being noticed. It is scheduled in an automatic way to find all those back-dated drivers and download them without even using a browser, avoiding the user to see those installation wizard pop ups that can become very annoying. For those of us who sometimes don’t agree with the developers and like older versions, the Drive Booster will have a system restore point ready before installing an update, allowing you to go back to those beloved little features designers incorrectly thought were awful. Just install it, let it run and keep your system up to date at all times.

Get this best driver updater.

Keeping the computer up to date and clean of all the corrupted and old update files is a serious step forward to having a better experience with it. If you want to automate everything and forget or tailor it all on your own, there are plenty of choices to select from. Check our homepage and get more tech updates.

Best Beat Making App for Android & iOS


Are you a restless musician getting inspiration on the road, the bus or while having breakfast? Do you want to catch those great moments on the fly? Well, just like everything else in this modern life, you can solve it with your cellphone and for free. It doesn’t matter if you are an electronic music producer, a hip hop artist, a singer-songwriter or just an improvised DJ; there’s an app for it.

This is the top 10 beat making apps for android and iOS

List of Top 10 Free Beat Making App 

#10 Drum Pads 24

This app is a true powerhouse at your fingertips, literally. You can produce your favorite music genre out of two scenes of 12 pads. Create a really good quality track utilizing the EDM sound packs available and record what you’ve just created. If you find yourself to be a little lost, don’t worry, there are some really good explanation videos available on the app itself and on YouTube. Once done, share this with your friends directly and get the feedback needed on the spot.

For Android 

For iOS

#9 Hip Hop Pads

hiphop beat making pads

Are you a nineties kid feeling that retro vibe? Well, just put on your Adidas and download this great app with very true-to-the-original HD sounds that will take you on a time travel. Are you a modern guy? It’s all covered, this app has 90 realistic sounds to fit anyone and everyone interested in a great beat. Feel like Eminem and write down your lines sitting on the bus while listening to your freshly-made awesome beats. Another great thing is that it comes with lessons. From amateur to stadiums in no time!

Get it free

#8 Easy Beat Drum Machine

Easy Beat Drum Machine

When creating music, practicing new stuff or just passing time, this great app has an outstanding feature: it will let you import your own track and play on it. You can just practice on somebody else’s music or arrange a drum part for that cool line your bass player just sent you and gain time at your job’s lunch time.

Get EasyBeats 

#7 DigiDrummer Lite

DigiDrummer Lite

If you want to create new and inspiring sounds, this lightweight app will allow you to choose from an astonishing amount of 8 drum kits. You can enjoy them on real high-quality 16 bit samples or play them with your own fingers in a real easy way with the eight drum pads provided.

Get DigiDrummer Here

#6 Real Drum

real drum beat making app

The real thing. We know that drummers suffer space and volume and as cool as it can be for a guitar player to play at the local park, you’re going to be drawing a little too much attention with your full kit. With this app you get to play an actual drum kit with your fingers, being able to choose from 13 real sounding pieces including cymbals.

For Android

For iOS

#5 Figure make music & beats

Figure make music & beats

This is a great app for creating music on the go because you can create the beat, the bass line and also a lead synth on top by just sliding your fingers on the play pad. Great info such as tonality, key and tempo are provided to create an integrated piece. You can share it on Allihoopa for other artists to remix it or develop them.

Get Figure Here

#4 Music Maker Jam

Music Maker Jam

This is a great app to practice the art of combining prefabricated sounds to make a brand new one. You have an immense library of loops and get 8 channels to mix them up and create your unique piece. You can also sing? Well, just sing to your phone and include it in the mix. Then, you can share it with the whole Music Maker community around the world.

Get Music Maker Free

#3 IK multimedia Amplitube

IK multimedia Amplitube beat maker

This is truly a powerhouse for guitar players. You get amp models, pedals, a track recorder and even a drummer module to play along and fix a time to your brand new idea. Plug your instrument using an interface or simply the phone built microphone. Let the fun begin!

For iOS

For Android

#2 Virtuoso Piano 2 HD

beat maker app

This is a great app for those who can’t play it yet, but really want to. Ever imagined to use that lost time commuting to work to learn a new skill? This is your chance. All you need is this free app and the willingness to learn, everything else is provided.

Get it here

#1 DJStudio 5

beat making app

Being the soul of the party had never been so easy before; entertain the whole audience with just your thumbs, this app, and your cool mp3 collection. Edit the playlist, add sound effects, filter it, get creative with scratching, loop and pitch and have tons of fun. You can even save the performance and share it on Soundcloud! Need a DJ? Got one!

Get it free

This is the best moment in the history of humankind to be a musician, the resources almost infinite. Go ahead and take advantage of the modern age, become the musician you dream of being.

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