Top 9 Free PDF Editor Software Reviews 2017

PDF files were known to be a final version of something created because they couldn’t be edited. But that sentence is in past tense because, with the following list of programs, we can modify those files in any way we want to super easy and fast. So whether you are an artist, a writer or just an every-day PDF-files user, there’s a program in this list that will suit your exact needs. Let’s take a look at some PDF editor reviews, so you can go ahead and choose the best one for you today!

9 Best PDF Editor Reviews

#9 Lnkscape

Lnkscape pdf editor

This used to be a digital graphical editor, but it has expanded to accommodate PDF files too. It will allow the user to open the PDF and add any kind of extra images or art it up and then save it again as PDF. Another great addition is the ability to export any graphical you have created into a PDF file for sharing.

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#8 Ableword

Ableword pdf editor

Every writer knows that downloading or having a PDF file and working in a word processor is a real nightmare since we go back and forth and it’s very difficult most of the times to copy and paste all the info. Nightmare is over, Ableword will allow you to do word processing straight from their platform and also do PDF to Word conversions in a breeze. Anybody asked for compatibility?

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#7 Icecream PDF Split & Merge

PDF Split & Merge

The name is a perfect reflection of what this program is capable of, melting multiple flavors into one tasty piece. You can split, merge and combine any PDF files without ever following any restrictions, not even password-protected files can resist. The merging can end up being a flash file and it all can be done in a breeze, you will also receive a PDF reader with it. Let your flavors melt into a brand new creation today!

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#6 Foxit Reader

Foxit pdf Reader

This is an expandable PDF reader that will turn your computer into a whole new powerhouse for PDF editing, modifying and creating. Among the many features built in this reader, you can have several tabs with different PDF files and modify them all into one. The Foxit is completely free and super light, a great addition for everyday use.

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#5 Apache Open Office

Apache Open Office

This is a very popular software with over one hundred million downloads historically. It is much more powerful than a simple PDF files manager or modifier but it will also take care of that for you and give you a ton of other features for free. The Word processor in it is very powerful and will take care of all your writing needs whether you want to format a PDF file further or create it from scratch. This is definitely a greatly powerful tool with many options at hand.

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#4 PDFedit


This amazing and powerful tool can be used to customize a PDF file or to create a brand new one; you can even extract the information from an existing file and then use it to build another kind of files such as a .doc or .docx file. It is fully loaded with templates for the creation of brand new files and the graphical interface is great for long hours of use and really easy to use, you’ll find yourself using it for the very first time and feeling like you know it forever.

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#3 PDFill PDF Editor

PDFill PDF Editor

This software is uniquely developed to perform amazingly well with PDF files, it is not an all-in-one software by any means, it is designed to crop and reorder, redesign, add or remove images and also take care of the encryption and decryption of them. This powerful tool will even allow the end user to convert images to PDF and it is really light, having absolutely no impact on your computer’s performance. Do it all on PDF, do it all on the PDFill Editor.

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#2 PDF-Xchange viewer

 PDF-Xchange viewer

This is not just another PDF reader running loose over the net, it is a really powerful tool to do some advanced editing to any existing file you have in your library. The most interesting features (which are plenty) can be found on the paid version, but the free version is a great add-on to every PDF user computer, allowing you to perform changes and do lots of things with it. Don’t hesitate and try the free version today.

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#1 iSkysoft PDF Editor

iSkysoft PDF Editor

This is a great software addition for modern life students who like reading from PDF files on their computer and do some annotation and markup on them. This powerful tool will also allow them to create new files from other programs like Word, Excel or even PowerPoint and also encrypt them by adding a password. The user interface is really easy to use and the best of it all is that it won’t take much of your time to complete any tasks since it’s really easy to use.

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These are the options to accommodate different users, some lighter, some more powerful, some free and some with paid upgrades. Go for the one you liked the most and start enjoying your PDF files even more today.

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