Top 8 Sound Booster for Headphones to Improve Sound Quality

Streets are noisy places and more when they are crowded. The same thing happens when we talk about subways and buses. It happens all the time, your favorite guitar solo comes along and the train hits the brakes full-on or the person next to you starts laughing and the guitar and the solo and the whole band is lost in the urban noise around you. How do we stop this from happening? Very easy, we just pump up the volume! Here are the best apps for having your music on top of everyday noises, the best headphone volume booster.

8 Best Volume Booster for Headphones

#8 Speaker Booster

Speaker Booster

The lightest, smallest app in the market with only 47k of storage space needed and almost no permissions required, this awesome and tiny tool will help you out without asking anything in return. This app can be easily turned off with just one tap, will let you choose independent volumes for music and notifications and has the simplest user interface in the world. This tool will cover exactly what you need and keep it really simple.

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#7 Bass Booster

Bass Booster

This app will give you that pump the music needs at lower volumes, making everything sound much bigger. It comes with nine equalizers presets to apply to your kind of headphones and your personal taste. The presets can be modified, making options available virtually infinite. But don’t be fooled by a number of options available, the user interface is very simple and intuitive; you will find the best configuration in no time and enjoy the extra kick. Of course, it is very easily deactivated and can act as a home screen widget.

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#6 Ultimate Volume Booster

Ultimate Volume Booster

This is a really loud app; the overall volume increase in your phone’s system is of 23%! That’s quite a lot and is very useful for all the music lovers who want to hear every arrangement and sonic layer their favorite band recorded for them. You can use a simple one tap boosting or can also go for the tweaking and select a dedicated volume level for each feature on your phones such as media, notifications, and alarms. The boosting is very clean and will improve the sound quality on most phones. It works on speakers too.

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#5 Volume Booster Pro

Volume Booster Pro

With a very good looking user interface, this tiny and powerful app will provide you with a clean boost for your phone and let you choose what to boost and how much. There’s a MAX mode in which you crank everything up to eleven and also a mode in which you can dial in exactly how much you want. There’s also a great one tap boost option especially useful for critical moments. This is a great looking, simple app that will get the job done always.

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#4 Volume Booster

Volume Booster

Ever wanted your headphones to sound like a full-on 18” speaker with those huge lows making you feel the beat? Well, this app is exactly what you need then. It doesn’t boost the actual maximum volume your phone can produce, but will surely make you feel it is louder because of the extra pump the bass receives. The user interface is beautifully crafted and the app is really small once installed. After you have dialed in the right amount needed, there’s a one-touch boost system. You can boost (or not boost) everything separately (notifications, alarm, media) so you can enjoy music and not be disturbed by messages and other notifications.

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#3 Sound Booster

Sound Booster

This is another insanely loud app providing up to a 30% volume increase on your smartphone. It can be kept in the notification bar if wanted for easy access and one tap volume boosting. The user interface is as intuitive as it gets and this tool will allow you to dial in different volumes for every sound your phone produces, allowing music to sound over notifications all day long. It is a very simple and easy to use app that will bring life to your headphones once again by boosting volumes.

Sound Booster for Headphones

#2 Volume Booster GOODE

Volume Booster GOODE

With a user interface that can be considered as sober and useful, this tiny little app will get the job done and boost the volume on your phone without any kind of hassles or endless menus. The full capability of your phone volume will be reached and you can manage both things: phone volume and boost percentage on that selected volume. The size is only 1.5MB and it is completely free of charge. Download it today and use your phone’s true maximum volume right now!

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#1 Divi Volume Booster

Divi Volume Booster

This is the loudest app in the list increasing your phone’s volume the astonishing amount of 40%! This is possible because this great app will improve definition while making it louder and so make your phone sound like a huge sound system. There are many items to be dialed in, so you can make it more of your preference all the time. It works great with the speakers and with your favorite headphones. Sound loud and like a pro starting today!

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Here is the best headphone volume booster to increase volume and better sound quality. Having your music on top of everyday noises!!

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