Easiest way to Remove Adware from Google Chrome

There is no doubt about the increasing popularity of the Google Chrome Web Browser. It is fast, it is easy to use and very friendly. The thing is that we tend to use it all the time and maybe, in a hurry, we might go into malicious pages or fall in a trap and find ourselves with an unwanted extension added to it. What comes next? We are literally forced to go through pop-ups, adware, and malware of every kind possible. How to remove adware from Google Chrome? Follow these simple instructions.

a) The first thing you need to do is open up your Google Chrome to the home page and then go to the upper right side of the screen and left click on the three horizontal bars to access the menu.


  1. A menu will drop down and you will see many options, the one you are looking for is called ‘Tools’.
  2. Inside the tools menu, you will find the ‘Extensions’ option, you should click on it as well.
  3. A new page will open run with the name ‘Chrome://extensions’ and will show you all the active and inactive extensions you may have at the moment in the format of a list.
  •  There is a little square box next to each so you can select if you want it to be enabled and active in your browser or you can just disable it by removing the tick in the box.
  •  To go a little further than that with unwanted or malicious extensions, you can click on the trashcan right next to the box and erase the extension forever.
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b) Now that we have erased the unwanted extensions and plugins that might have been active in our computer, it is time to go to the next step and that is to further check the settings we have at hand. For that we need to;

  1. Go to the ‘Settings’ on the upper left side of the ‘Chrome://extensions’ page we are in and there you can check and fix the following things.
  •  You can check which will your home page be, meaning you can remove any hacked and annoying home page malicious adware might have selected for you. You can even check the option of everything as it was before closing.
  • Another very common hack is to change your search engine for another one. But that can be changed in a heartbeat, just go to that option in the ‘Settings’ page you are in and select Google, Bing or the one that pleases you the most.

c) The last thing you can do if the above options didn’t solve your issue with malware is to go for a deeper cleaning through a dedicated program. There are plenty of antivirus and antimalware programs available today and they all have different features and specialties to offer. The malware can be hidden in your web browser but it can also be hidden deeper down inside your computer, so going for this last option is not something that will override the last two, in fact, you can perform all three at once to be safer than ever.

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Malware and spyware are everywhere and keeping our browser clean and safe is a very important step we recommend giving to protect our searches, personal information, private photos and many more things we handle daily through the internet including much more sensitive pieces of information such as bank accounts and passwords. The steps to be followed are few and very simple, something any of us can do, so do not hesitate one more minute and turn your Google Chrome into a safer environment for web surfing today.

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