10 Best Anti Malware Softwares of 2017 To Keep Your Computer Protected From Malware!

best anti malware

Nowadays we store our entire lives in our computers, from family pictures to super-secret passwords for all of our accounts. The importance of protecting our data has become increasingly critical. The question comes through, is it enough with my trusty old antivirus? The answer is no. We have to get an anti-malware software to sleep in peace. When it comes to choosing which one to get, options can be infinite and we need to know which is the best anti malware software available today.

If you want to install a malware removal software which has the best malware removal tools, we are here for you. You can get the best anti malware software from us. We made a list of best antimalware software we would like to share with you. The programs in the following list are the best anti malware softwares which has the best malware removal tools.

#10. Auslogics Anti-Malware 2017


There are many reasons to choose this as the best antimalware software, among which you can find the Microsoft certification, the as-easy-as-it-gets user interface, the ability to schedule the scans and of course, the incredible depth of scanning to find malware that might have escaped from your antivirus scan. The browser extension will even let you prevent your data to be leaked to third parties and it will get along perfectly with any antivirus you choose to use it with. Click here to get this free malware removal tool now..

#9. IObit Malware Fighter 5 PRO



The endless features of this astonishingly well designed top malware software include even USB devices protection as well as browser, downloads and OS. Running silently and updating continuously, it will keep you protected and also give you free tech support on a 24/7 basis. What if it finds malicious software? It will immediately take action. Stay calm, download IObit Malware Fighter 5 Pro and fight malware with a smile.iobit-malware-fighter-5-pro

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#8. Lavasoft Ad-Aware Pro


This is one of the best free malware removal software which is designed to be extremely powerful and really quiet. No disturbances or annoying pop-ups while performing at an excellent detection and cleaning rate. This great solution uses very advanced algorithms and also features a two-way firewall for complemented security. All updates are done automatically and scanning is applied to every downloaded file. Download this anti malware software here

#7. Kaspersky Internet Security 2017


This KGB-Worthy watch dog will scan every movement you do on-line as well as every file being downloaded to your computer for viruses and malware. The Kaspersky Internet Security is an integral tool, providing effectiveness in removing spyware, viruses and malware too. Just install it and stand back while this powerful antimalware software kicks out even the oldest undesired habitants of your computer. Secure your PC from threats and sleep peacefully every night by installing kaspersky internet security 2017 from here.

#6. BitDefender Internet Security 2017


This gold-award-winning fast software will not affect the performance of your computer while keeping you protected at all times, in fact, when you set her free of all those malicious malware, the performance will be better than before. The interface can easily be among the easiest in the market and it’s being use by some of the data giants in the world. No cyber-attacks, no hacking attempts and no risk on whichever your Operating System of choice is. Get the software here

#5. Panda Pro Antivirus


Who said Kung Fu Panda was a childish invention? This warrior will make every transaction and data transfer done in your computer as safe as it can possibly be. The all-in-one mode engages your computer’s security to full antivirus plus anti-malware software 24/7. This oldie but goodie is under continuous development and takes its motto very seriously, bringing you “Much more than a simple antivirus”. This is one of the best malware removal tool in the market. Download Panda Pro Antivirus for protection against malware.

#4. Spybot Search & Destroy Pro


James Hetfield screamed it and these guys programmed it. Seek and destroy all malware, spyware and threats of everything that looks suspicious. Spybot Search & Destroy have one of the best malware scanner along with best malware removal software. This great ally will work relentlessly 24/7 to bring you real time protection and also handle the data black-market, making sure that your information is not used by third parties. Download Spybot Search & Destroy Pro and keep this all-in-one software activated at all times and your security will be very well taken care of.

#3. Zemana AntiMalware Pro


This is a state-of-the-art top malware software that once installed will scan your entire system trying to find any trail of unwanted or suspicious malware or spyware. Once it has done its job scanning for the first time, it will keep you protected real time all the time. The modern feature allowing this software to be ahead of the rest is that it doesn’t store the definitions on your computer; it uses cloud technology to keep you safe at all times. Besides they allow their users to Remove detected malwares in the free version. Click here to get the best free malware remover now.

#2. Emsisoft Anti-Malware


Consider it to be a hidden ninja warrior ready to take action. Being one of the best free antimalware software, it performs flawlessly and takes very little resources from your computer 24/7 while processing 225,000 malwares daily with a database containing more than 10 million processes known to be malicious. It will never go by a threat and let it be, it will remove every one of them stay true to the company’s motto: “We like to keep things 100% clean”. Click this link to download Emsisoft Anti-Malware software.

#1. Malwarebytes Anti-malware Premium


This is literally a killer option, it will chase down and disable all forms of malware and spy-ware you may have in your computer and provide you with a real time service 24/7. You can say goodbye to all those malicious websites and every attempt to hack your precious mainframe. It can work along with your favorite antivirus, but will take the issue deeper. It is light, fast and works in 33 languages. The best thing about Malwarebytes Anti-malware is, they give free malware remover options. Which is one of the best free anti malware service a user can get on this market. Download the best Anti-Malware software now and stay protected from malwares.


The list includes fantastic software and very easy to get, so don’t hesitate and find the best anti malware to suit your needs today and protect your information. Check out toptechtalks.com for more cool softwares.


Bitdefender License Key for Full Activation 2017


Should I pay as much attention to viruses and malware on my phone as I do on my computer? That question has one simple answer. YES. By all means, YES! The same if not more, we spend hours and handle very important information through our phones every day. Being unprotected is a very bad choice. Bit Defender Mobile Security can very well change that situation, so let’s see how to get it for free.

Which are the Benefits of Adding Bitdefender to my Android Phone?

Bitdefender is a great tool very light and powerful that will remove any malware, viruses or spyware you might have on your phone right now and then continue to protect it from further infections in the future. It performs all these tasks very easily while running in the background and using almost no memory resources.

  • Provide your phone with the latest technology of cloud-based data continuously updating in real time.
  • The automatic Shield will activate and create full protection around your phone and information.
  • Say goodbye to any unwanted spam trying to access your phone and annoy you.
  • Anti-theft service can be activated remotely so you can find your device wherever it may be through the built-in GPS.
  • No impact on the CPU of your phone, you won’t even notice it is being protected and will not feel any difference in everyday use. It won’t get slower but it might get faster without all those bugs draining your RAM.

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How Can I Get Bitdefender Mobile Security Key?

Well, the whole package for the antivirus and anti-malware app is about $9.99 for a whole year of protection, but is it possible to get the Bitdefender license key? Of course, it is. Just follow the steps below;

  1. First of all, you need to go on and visit the page in which they are having a promotional giveaway. You can access that page while it is still open or you can also download the free version of this great antivirus. Visit this page to get Free Bitdefender license key
  2. Place your valid email address inside the box provided. It is very important that this is a valid address to which you have access right now because you need to get a code.
  3. Show you are not a robot and click on the ‘Captcha button‘.
  4. After you’ve done that and as long as the giveaway is working, you have to click on the ‘Get free license’
  5. Check your email address because you have a new message with a Bitdefender Key that will allow you to use this great app for free for six months, more than enough time to clean up your phone and also protect it from unwanted presences. The License Key will be valid for seven days, so you should use it immediately.

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Keeping your phone safe is the only option nowadays because the ways of hacking it are becoming easier and more common. Do not lose another minute, go ahead and download the license key for this powerful tool and next time you make a money transfer or purchase from your phone, you’ll feel safer and better.

Mcafee Free Download Full Version 2017


Having a tested and true, powerful antivirus installed on your computer is something everybody should do. The amount of malware, viruses, and spyware attempting to get the information you wish to keep secure is increased every day. So who do we trust when it comes to such a delicate subject? McAfee. This antivirus has been around since day one and it is continuously improving to provide better solutions.

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Why is it important to choose McAfee as my antivirus?

Well for starters, McAfee is a member of Intel Security and it provides security to millions of computers all over the world. Another very important fact is that this antivirus has been around for many years and will continue to do so for much more; therefore you can be confident will not have any shortage of any kind with it and will not have to change it anytime soon. The real time protection will give you safety 24/7 and the constant update will make the shield even stronger. Another key thing to point out is the fact that this product provides an integral solution with features such as parental control, a great cleaning tool and of course, antivirus. Let’s go deeper into the specs:

  • State of the art, real-time protection from one of the lead data security companies in the world.
  • Antivirus, antispyware, antimalware and anti-boot protection with the addition of a two-way firewall. Safety just acquired a whole new dimension.
  • Parental control to keep your children free from all the forbidden content available today on the internet.
  • McAfee Site Advisor, a complete guide to the risky, potentially harmful sites even before you visited them to avoid encounters with unwanted bugs.
  • Quick Clean Tool, a very powerful and deep cleaner that will make your computer run faster than ever without those unnecessary cache files.
  • File Shredder to destroy permanently and efficiently the delicate files you may have in your computer.

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Is it possible to get the McAfee free download full version?

Of course, we will show you a way to get this powerful tool for a free full 180 trial just for a limited time by entering the next page and following these simple instructions.

  1. First of all, you need to go to the Giveaway Promotional Page by following this link given below; McAfee Internet Security Free
  2. Create an account. A very important thing about your account is that this offer is for new users only, so you should create a brand new account to access this benefit in the first place.
  3. Download the free 180 days trial of McAfee Internet Security full version and start enjoying the best protection for your computer for free.

Nowadays keeping our data protected is the safest move. All the Trojans, the virus, the malware and the spyware is becoming more threatening and invisible for old antivirus, so the need for a full coverage by a major manufacturer is a complete must. Do not hesitate one more minute and take advantage of this awesome offer to get the full 180 days trial for free today.

7 Best Free Firewall Software to Improve Security!


Humankind has been building walls to defend themselves from outer threats for a really long time. The computer age should be no different and in the 21st century, we protect the sources of our information using Firewalls to keep all the bugs, malware, adware, trojans and viruses away. The question arises, which is the best free firewall software available today? To solve that issue, we came up with a list that will simplify the path and make your choice a lot easier.

List of  7 Best Firewall Software

#7 AVS Firewall

AVS Firewall

This is a tool that will take care of the basics but reaching a little further… three steps further to be exact. First things first, it is a proper firewall that will keep all threats far from your computer and your data, but it also includes three modules that can be used or disabled any time and they are: a registry defender that takes care of securing your registry (no data leakage for sale), a parental control to keep your children away from undesired experiences and an anti-banner feature that will prevent all those annoying pop-ups to jump at you trying to sell you stuff you don’t need or want.

Get it free!

#6 Outpost Firewall Pro

outpost firewall pro free

For those looking for a little more control over what traffic to allow and what to block, this powerful and simple tool will allow them to check on data traffic real time, see if there´s any app or software acting in a strange way and then make the decision to block or not to block it.

Download free!

#5 TinyWall

TinyWall firewall free

This lightweight tool is an add-on to the Windows Firewall and there’s no ´main window´, you just need to click on the tray icon to access any menus, but don´t be fooled by its low profile, this powerful and silent tool will be in stealth mode running in the back processing all data and deciding what goes in and what goes out.

TinyWall 2.1 is here!

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#4 Comodo Firewall

Comodo Free Firewall

The best free firewall in the market (updateable to a paid pro version) exceeds all needs of data protection you can imagine. The ´Defense+´ feature is a state of the art technology that will provide you with never-seen-before intense traffic monitoring. This firewall will keep an eye on everything: system, apps, and even network. It has a cloud-based resource updating real time all the time with over two million apps in a huge blacklist and also a white list for reputable sites and files. It doesn’t get much better than this.

Comodo Free Firewall

#3 ZoneAlarm Free Firewall

ZoneAlarm Free Firewall

This amazing software will make your ports invisible while acting in stealth mode and will also control the access every program installed in your computer to the internet. Nothing comes in or out without the ZoneAlarm permission. Two other great features of this software are the Advanced Identity Protection that will avoid leakage as well as third parties using your personal information and Online Backup to keep your data always safe and sound.

ZoneAlarm Free Firewall 2017

#2 Private Firewall

Private Firewall free

This is a very powerful tool that is fully customizable to better fit your needs and to accommodate different users within the same computer. Profiles with diverse access points such as home, office or remote can be created and given singular security levels. Another great added feature is the app manager to have an even greater control over your computer performance and last, but not least, the traffic filtering that will make sure there is no data leakage from your computer.


#1 Emsisoft Internet Security

emsisoft internet security free

This is the best firewall software, the most complete and powerful tool in the market today. It will deliver an outstanding experience to the end user and have perfect accuracy and performance on each of these six categories:

  1. Anti-Malware: No more hidden files trying to corrupt and export information from your computer.
  2. Firewall Protection: This thick and powerful wall will protect your computer even from threats that can be connected to the same network. Nothing goes through without being checked before.
  3. Internet Surfing Protection: Be secure at all times and feel free to wander around online as much as you like with this software looking after you 24/7.
  4. Safe Online Shopping: If you ever felt scared about giving your credit card number to a page, loose the fear and go crazy with the special offers, you will be protected.
  5. Behavior Blocker: Any suspicious activity will alert this feature even if the malware is not of a known signature yet.
  6. Ransomware Protection: No digital, virtual or human entity will ask you for a ransom ever again.

Emsisoft Internet Security Free

Adding up to all of these, this software will not make your computer slower but it will definitely make it stronger.

Get more Security Updates here!

This is an exhaustive list of the best Firewall Software to accommodate those who need an all-in-one solution and those who simply want to have an extra added to the Windows original. So go ahead and choose the one that suits you the best and improves security today.

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Top 6 Malware Removal Tools To Protect Your Tablet or Smartphone From Malware Attacks!


Is your computer protected with the latest edition of  top notch, state of the art antivirus and antimalware software? Is your Android phone protected the same way? If the answer is no, then you are being unprotected on a key component of your everyday personal life. All photos, all bank accounts, transactions, messages and videos are potentially at risk right now.

Best Malware Removal For Android Phones

In order to stay protected from malwares you need a malware removal tool in your android. There are many malware removal tools available at present. But not all of them are the best. In order not to overlook your phone’s security, we have put together this list of the best virus removal for android and also the best malware removal for android. Be safe starting today!

#6 AVG Antivirus Free for Android


AVG is one of the biggest internet security companies in the world and this is a clear example of why they got so famous. First of all, the antivirus, malware, spyware and adware engine is awesome and it takes care of SMS, apps, media, files making sure there are no bugs in your phone. Another great feature is that there’s a stolen device function that will act together with google maps to bring it back to your hands safe and sound. Last but definitely not least it will take care of checking on high battery usage as well as high resource apps. No wonder why they have over one hundred million active users!

download from google playstore

#5 Bitdefender Antivirus Free For Android

There’s little to say about the company behind this really powerful software that will keep Trojans, virus, Malware, Spyware and any other bug threatening your phone out of its reach. It is a simple and easy to use app that needs no configuration, just download it and it will scan your phone destroying bugs and also create a shield to prevent further infections. This light weight and highly effective app will take only a little resources off your phone, you won’t even notice it’s there but will get the job done.

Get it from google playstore

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#4 CM Security AppLock Antivirus


This award-winning integral solution is a strong and complete app that will take complete control over your smartphone and protect it as if it was Fort Knox. First of all it is a great antivirus and antimalware powered by an engine that got number one award at the AV-TEST to keep you secure at all times. It also provides a fingerprint lock on the system and the apps (for phones supporting that technology) and will take a photo on any intruder entering a wrong password and send it to you through email. Private browsing and chat deletion is also available as well as anti-theft technology and it will scan new apps, system and SD cards to find system vulnerabilities and fix them. This is the perfect app holding integral solutions and an integral protection.

download from google playstore

#3 TrustGo – Antivirus & Mobile Securitytrust-go-antivirus-and-mobile-security-free


This incredible award-winning app is another all-in-one solution for your phone that will destroy all of today’s most dangerous threats to your mobile phone’s security. It will show no mercy to Malware, virus, Adware, Spyware and any other bugs your phone might have. You can have it on schedule scan for it to scan your whole device when you use it the least. Other great features are the safe search and download of all kinds of apps, the system manager to monitor and then manage your system properly, the data backup for all your important information, the privacy guard to protect you and your info and a stolen phone location. Yes, all of that is found in just one app, anybody said complete?

Download from google playstore

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#2 Avira Antivirus Security


The mammoth computer security company widely acclaimed in the world for its great products is now in the phone security world providing shields for smartphones, tablets and phablets. This powerful tool will protect your phone and all the data inside it, detecting incoming thieves and also protecting all personal files and documents. It can help you discover where your stolen phone is and also work to take very little resources from your system and preserve the battery life. This great app delivers as expected and even more, an awesome tool.

Get it from google playstore

#1 360 Security – Antivirus Boost


With more than two hundred million users, this is clearly a great app. It offers the end users a solution for the security of their cellphones scanning all the installed and non-installed apps (portable) with the latest technology and removing every virus, Trojans, Adware and Malware found in the way. But this awesome app doesn’t stop there; it provides a speed booster for your phone’s memory, security protection to preserve your identity at all times and will also clean up the junk files to make the running smoother. There’s even an anti-theft solution handy and a battery power save to make it even more complete. Meet the best version of your phone today with this awesome tool.

Download the best malware removal tool for android from Google play.

Keeping your phone clean from virus and all kinds of malware is a must these days in which we do banking transactions from the phone itself and store really important information. Stay safe and download a complete solution today!

Top 10 Internet Security Systems To Protect Your PC !


All computer users in the world know that for any reason, sooner or later, they will connect theirs to the internet and dive in to swim next to virtual dangers of all kinds. So, when we talk about enjoying internet in your own computer for any given reason, we have to talk about the ways to protect it from being infected, invaded, hacked and harmed. Is there a way to swim away from the threats? No, but if you have the correct protection, then nothing can mess with you and your data.

Top 10 Internet Security

Now there are many software companies claiming to be the best in internet security. But we know everyone can never be the best. Some of them are legit and some of them are fraud. So for your convenience, the Tech Gurus of TopTechTalks have gathered the best Internet security softwares in this article. Let’s take a look at the Top 10 internet security available today.

#10 FortiClient Lite


This great and super light tool will provide you with an antivirus protection that expands into filtering the spam on websites, firewall addition to applications, WAN optimization and you can perform a vulnerability scan on your computer to take actions. This is part of the best free internet security available out there. Download this internet security from here.

#9 McAfee Internet Security


This is another well-known company that has been in this business forever. The internet security package comes with awesome features such as Web and Email protection to prevent threats in your inbox and as you surf the web, parental control and also the virus, malware and spyware protection can be activated. This tool will give you access to the endless McAfee Updates for real time all year protection. Click here for McAfee free download full version

#8 Panda Internet Security


This is another legendary brand for security that provides an integral solution for end users. The features are many and the most relevant are the antivirus, antimalware, antispyware and phishing attack prevention along with the two way firewall and the parental control for kids. Download Panda Internet Security and sleep safe and sound with a Panda watching your back.

#7 AVAST Free Antivirus


This is an easier, lighter and with a shorter range of action software that can be used as a great antivirus and antimalware protection for free. It will interact with Windows Firewall and if you update your computer regularly, you’re 100% protected. AVAST is one of the best free top internet security available in the market now.

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#6 Outpost Security Suite


To keep all your data, documents, photos and email as private as possible, this program will make them invisible for the potential threats out there. Your identity will be safer than ever, assuring that no thief can steal your personal information and the banking and online transactions will be performed in a safe environment, so no information can be stole by hackers. This is a complete solution to feel safe at every moment. Get this free internet security suite now to protect yourself.

#5 Roboscan Internet Security Free


This great and free software will allow you to do many things with just a few clicks. It is a powerful firewall and antivirus against already installed and incoming threats to your computer and updating Windows security at the same time. Another great thing about it is that it will boost the performance on your computer by deleting not necessary and temporary internet files and registry from your computer. Safe, fast, easy and free, this is a great option for a free internet security suite to install in your computer today.

#4 360 Internet Security


This great all-in-one package provides 360 scan engine utilizing cloud technology updating daily with the latest virus definitions available. Risky programs will be forced to run from the sandbox and the computer will have an integral shield protection from data theft, virus and Trojans. Download this free internet security from this link.

#3 Comodo Internet Security 2017


Hands down, the best free internet security suite available in the market today. It’s modern, fast, powerful and free, what else can you ask for? Among the many features, we can enjoy are the award-winning Firewall that will alert you of any malware trying to break in and allow you to make the choice. It’s being updated all the time, so the newest threats are no threat to you from day one. The sandbox facility is an incredible way to open potentially harmful files in a safe environment, the Online Storage will allow users to store up to 50GB in a secure spot online and keep it there under extreme safety conditions. Last but definitely not least, there are experts available to help you live and direct to solve any potential problems. Download the best free internet security suite now!

#2 Norton 360 Internet Security Suite


Norton is a very well-known and respected company that has been in the internet security business ever since there is such a thing, so there’s nothing else to expect from them but top internet security and this product was designed to be just that. The antivirus comes with great features such as browser safety, identity protection, link scanner and of course the required protection against virus, malware and any other threat. Go safe, go Norton. Get this software here.


#1 ZoneAlarm Free Antivirus + Firewall 2017


This great tool is an integral solution for every computer user. It features an optimizer that will make it faster, a two-way firewall that will block unwanted presence and also activate the stealth mode for you to be invisible to others. There’s a Search Bar protection feature allowing the end user to keep away any undesirable entity tracking your browsing preferences and search engines data. The given side of any great antivirus is, of course, covered, providing you with state of the art and real time updated protection against viruses, Trojans, worms, rootkits and bots and if anything goes wrong, the Customer Support will work tirelessly to provide you answers 24/7. Get this best free internet security now to stay safe from virus attacks.

These are the top 10 internet security systems available on the market now. Get one of these to stay protected!

Top 8 Driver Updaters to Keep Your Drivers (Auto) Up to date!


Has it ever happened to you that the very moment we need to use our computer desperately to complete the delayed task we need to deliver urgently, the needed program just tells us to wait while it’s updating? It’s a real bummer we can avoid by implementing the use of the best driver update software we can find on the internet. There’s no need to spend hours looking, we did that for you already and here are the top results in the form of a list.

Best Driver Update Software for Both Mac & Windows

So here is the list of 8 best driver updater for your windows computer or Mac.

#8 Driver Max

This is a very accurate driver updater program that provides an easy to use experience for the user and also the ability to go back and forth with the drivers found and installed.  Before downloading any driver, this program will create a backup for all existing drivers on the computer and will allow you to roll back to previous versions if the new one is not better for you.

Get it here

#7 Device Doctor

This software is ideal for those who like a little more control over what goes on with updates installation. After checking for drivers in need of update, it will search the internet and provide us with the correct link so we can go ahead and install it ourselves, checking exactly what we want and don’t want. So if you want more control but don’t want to waste your time looking for the links on line, this software is for you.

Download Free

#6 Driver Talent

On most computers, the issue is not only the software not being up to date, but also the corrupted driver files we accumulate over time. The solution to these issues is this easy to use and greatly designed software that will update everything at top speed and also fix those corrupted and very often old files that slow our performance down. Let Drive Talent do the work and enjoy a cleaner, faster and more reliable version of your computer.

Official link

#5 SlimDrivers Driver Update Tools

A great feature available in this software is to provide the user with the version and release date of the update to be installed so you can be sure that it is the latest available before downloading it. The software is very complete and will allow you to install, uninstall, backup and update drivers for all your programs. It can be automated or you can do everything manually in those moments when you have literally nothing better to do.

#4 Snappy Driver Installer Utility

There are virtually no limits for this very powerful tool that will allow you to download at limitless speed a limitless amount of drivers. A great feature is that it provides user with the ability to download drivers and install them offline or even export them to be installed on a different computer, so you can download once and install on every device you have. There are no advertisements on the user interface and a portable version of it; there are no reasons for not downloading this today.

Get snappy driver

#3 Driver Pack Solution

The easy interface makes this fully automatic update tool a great choice for those who want to use their computer everyday not having to worry or deal with any technical stuff. It can also be operated manually and you can even report to the developers an interface bug. It is a very simple to use tool that will allow you not to worry about updates ever again.

Get driver pack solution

#2 Free Driver Scout

This amazingly designed tool is very handy for many tasks such as checking for available updates and automatically installing them without having you involved in the process. Another great feature is the ability to migrate program drivers from one Operating System to another in the same computer using the migration tool, allowing the user to restore them too. So, go back and forth and automate everything with this great and free software.

Download Driver scout

#1 Driver Booster

This greatly designed and powerful tool can do it all and will work for you all the time without being noticed. It is scheduled in an automatic way to find all those back-dated drivers and download them without even using a browser, avoiding the user to see those installation wizard pop ups that can become very annoying. For those of us who sometimes don’t agree with the developers and like older versions, the Drive Booster will have a system restore point ready before installing an update, allowing you to go back to those beloved little features designers incorrectly thought were awful. Just install it, let it run and keep your system up to date at all times.

Get this best driver updater.

Keeping the computer up to date and clean of all the corrupted and old update files is a serious step forward to having a better experience with it. If you want to automate everything and forget or tailor it all on your own, there are plenty of choices to select from. Check our toptechtalks.com homepage and get more tech updates.

7 Best Adware Remover Tools to Protect PC from Unwanted Software


To buy or not to buy a product as well as deciding whether I want to see commercials or not is a freedom I like having. If you enjoy that freedom too, you know how annoying it is to have your own browser trying to sell you something all the time. Well, that is Adware hidden inside our system. How do I get rid of it and go back to my happy place of no-ads web surfing? Simple, install some Adware removing software and you are set to go. But which is the best free Adware remover? That’s something we can help you with, so go ahead and check on these options.

List of Top 7  Free Adware Remover

#7 Bitdefender Adware Removal Tool

adware removal


This very popular brand only offers state of the art scanning technologies for every computer in which it is installed. It works silently in the background and the install file only weights 50 megabytes, making it really light and powerful. This free and easy to use tool will scan the computer, find the bugs and then inform you of any suspicious activity it might find. You can even set this warrior in autopilot, kick back and relax while protected.

Bitdefender Free

#6 Malwarebytes Anti-Malware/Junkware Removal Tool

Junkware Removal Tool

Ever thought about having protection at all times from everything? That’s the feeling you’ll get after downloading this marvelous software. It can be run while you’re off the computer to make the thorough one hour scan quicker and more effective and will accommodate beginners and intermediate computer users since the user interface is really easy to use but the options are very varied. So, no more Adware, Malware, or Rootkit threats while this tool is running, it will scan and protect you from downloading malware, infected advertising, and hacking attempts. Anybody said safe?

Download Free

#5 Norton Power Eraser

Norton adware remover

Norton is a well-known historical antivirus company with a sky-high reputation. This is the most powerful portable app in the market to delete and destroy every kind of Malware and Adware from your system. The technology for scanning was recently updated to be more aggressive and the user interface is really easy to get along with. It will allow you to scan the whole system, to scan only a selected operating system or with the ‘reputation scan’ module you can scan a selected folder using Norton Cloud Check. Lastly, it can be run from a USB device, making it the most simple, portable and powerful tool today.

Get Norton Free

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#4 Spybot Search & Destroy

Spybot adware remover

Set this bad boy loose in your system and every Adware file will tremble. The scanning system is very fast and effective removing all kinds of Adware and the Spyware that is trying to track your web surfing to sell you things you might potentially want. The scan will give you the option of what to remove once the threats were identified and you can even create a ‘white list’ to make scanning faster in the future.

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#3 SUPERAntiSpyware


This software’s name is not by any means short to its true power, this is really a super solution for all the Spyware, Malware, Adware, Trojans, Worms, Hijackers, Parasites, Rootkits and KeyLoggers that might be working on your computer as you’re reading this. It will allow you to take full control of what it does and provide you with options to manage it to your convenience. The scanning can be scheduled and there’s a real-time scan that works for you all the time. It can even repair registry, broken internet connections and desktops, a super solution to minimize a potential super issue on your computer at no cost.

SUPERAntiSpyware Free

#2 AdwCleaner

 adwcleaner Removal Tool

Once you install this software, the experience you have with your computer will be dramatically improved because its performance will be much better without all those bugs like adware, spyware and hacked toolbars among many others.  Once installed and scanning, the program will allow you to choose from all registry entries to decide which you want to delete. It comes in various languages and has the easiest user interface in the world, just click on ‘scan & clean’ and says goodbye to annoying advertising and data leakage.

Get AdwCleaner Free

#1 Adware Removal Tool by TSA

Adware Removal Tool by TSA

This is state of the art cloud-based software that needs no updating since the database is virtual and continuously growing in real time. There are no secrets and no difficulties to run this powerful tool and there’s no escaping once it is scanning because it is specifically designed to work against Adware in every major browser in the market. Just Scan your computer periodically and forget about Adware forever.

Free Adware Removal Tools

The options in this list will accommodate the beginners as well as the advanced computer users, those looking for many options and those looking for just a couple of buttons, but the best thing about them is that they are all free of charge. Regain your freedom, fight Adware and have a better computer experience today!

Avast Activation Code for Antivirus and Internet Security


Antiviruses are an effective way to prevent viruses and malwares from your computer. Nowadays, no computer in this world is secured without an antivirus. But the matter is that we need to buy an antivirus because it’s not free. Luckily, some companies offer Free license code for their promotion. Even sometimes, some websites giveaway some license codes. Well, there are many antiviruses like Kaspersky, AVG, Norton, Mcafe etc. but here we’ll talk about installing Avast antivirus with free license code.

Avast Antivirus is one of the best and preferred antivirus for computer system protection. About 230 million people are using it worldwide. It gives a best security facility to a user.

What are the Avast Key Features?

  • Scanning System: This program comes with various scanning system that are very useful, i.e. Cloud Scanning System, Deep Scanning System with Smart scan feature.
  • Home Network Security: It also gives home network protection to protect computer from hacking.
  • Protection: It has an Anti-Malware system that protects computer from potential risks. Besides it comes up with a privacy protection option too.
  • Update: Avast gets regular updates so that your software remains up to date about new viruses and threats.
  • Interface: It comes up with latest redesigned interface.
  • Remote Assistance: Avast offers remote assistance like Rescue Disk and Hardened mode system.
  • Browser Cleanup: It’s Browser Cleanup tool is very useful.

Besides these it has many other useful features.


Operating system: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows XP and Windows Vista.

  1. RAM: 128 MB.
  2. Hard Disk space: 500 MB free.
  3. Minimum Processor: Intel Pentium 4.

PROS of Avast Free antivirus:

  1. It has very light weight algorithm so that your PC can run smoothly.
  2. Easy to use.
  3. Full of features.


  1. Avast is not free for commercial use. It’s only for personal experience.
  2. It does not come up with free firewall, although windows firewall is enough.

Now, let’s come with the installation process with avast internet security activation code below:

Here in toptechtalks.com, we have eased the installation way for you by providing following step by step instruction.

Step 01: Firstly, you need to download Avast free antivirus from their website.

Step 02: Then, copy the code given below

C37242277H1200A0219-DC8LRVFJ .

Step 03: Now go to settings of the software.

Step 04: Click the Registration tab.

Step 05: Now expand the option by clicking Offline Registration.

Step 06: Go to Insert the license key option.

Step 07: After that paste the code that we have copied in step 2.

Step 08: After clicking ok, you have successfully activated the antivirus for 12 months FREE!

Thus you have installed the antivirus for free use. Hope you find it a very useful one.

Adobe Photoshop CS2 Free License Key For Full Version


Adobe Photoshop, most probably the best photo editing software in the world is a great tool. Nowadays, almost all photo editings are done through photoshop. As day passes it’s popularity is increasing. It supports almost all windows OS platforms.photoshop-cs2

Now, there may rise a question that how come a company giveaway such an useful tool for free?…..Actually it’s not. One needs to buy Adobe Photoshop license key for full access. For that reason most people face trouble using it. Although people try many hacks, it’s very much hard to do all the processes. But no problem. Adobe is giving away license code for CS2 version free!! Yes, u read it right, for free! But one may think why CS2? Well… Its because Adobe has released it’s latest CS6 version. The answer is companies have certain policies which can’t be broken. Yet, for photoshop CS2 is a good one for amateur.

Now. I’ll show you how to get your free adobe photoshop license code.

NOTE: This giveaway by adobe is for limited time and they hold the right to stop the giveaway campaign. So you need to grab it before the offer expires.

Adobe Photoshop License Key

In order to use Adobe Photoshop without buying it, you need to follow the process below and use provided photoshop license key for installation:

  1. First you need to go here.
  2. Then Log in with your adobe ID. If you don’t have one please create a new one.
  3. Now, as you are logged in go to the download section.
  4. Scroll down and find “Photoshop CS2” software.
  5. You’ll see many versions of CS2. It’s better to install version 8.00.
  6. Download the version and also find the license key next to download link.
  7. Install the software and activate it.  

You have successfully installed Adobe Photoshop CS2 with free full version license.

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Features of Adobe Photoshop CS2:

  • Adobe Bridge.
  • Vanishing Point.
  • Image Warp.
  • Noise Reduction.
  • 32-bit HDR.
  • Spot Healing Brush.
  • One-Click Red Eye Correction.
  • Optical Lens Correction.
  • Animation


Has many features of editing softwares.

It is free.

Occupies less space.

Never slows down PC.


Not the latest versions of photoshop.

Lacks many useful features.

May lag sometimes.


The giveaway is for limited time. So you need to get it before the campaign ends. You’ll get lifetime license. There is no Free Update Available.

Adobe photoshops has many versions. As most people like to use free facilities, hence I’ve shown the right and only one example. There are hacks to access license code for free. But that follows a very lengthy process. Thus, Adobe Photoshop CS2 is for those who want to experience the taste of photoshop for free.

Overall, Adobe Photoshop CS2 is very much useful software for Amateurs. Is one learns photoshop and want to do experiments, then photoshop CS2 is the right option for first users. Hence, as a beginner everyone should try CS2 first before using more latest versions. Adobe offers free license key giveaways for this version. So, wait for the giveaway for other versions or install from Adobe’s main website.

Hope you found it useful.