Top 8 Volume Booster for Android Phone to Get the Best Sound Quality

As time goes by everything centers more and more on our cell phones. Most of the things happening in our lives occur with them in our hands. Music is no different, so how do we do to make them sound louder when we get together with our friends or the subway or the bus are really noisy? The answer is very simple; we need the best volume booster app for Android installed and properly working at all times. There’s no need to go through hours of browsing to find the most suitable one, we bring you the best choices in this list, so go ahead, check it out and start having a better experience today.

List of 8 Best Android Volume Booster

#8 Easy Volume Booster

Easy Volume Booster

Ever wanted to make your phone sound like a Hi Fi system that you can hold in the palm of your hands? Well, all paths lead to this app. It sounds great when turned all the way up and also sounds wonderful when playing real low volume, just like it should. The Boost can be made on music, alarms or even notifications, making it very easy to accommodate to different situations. Did we mention it looks great too? Well, it does.

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#7 Volume Booster Pro

Volume Booster Pro

This great tool might have the easiest user interface you have ever seen, there is a one touch approach to every aspect on the app. Turn the volume up to the maximum with one touch, or turn it completely off and go into silent mode with only one touch too. The whole app can be shut down and go back to normal whenever you feel like it and yes, you guessed correctly it is done with only one touch too. The tool can be used independently on one function of your phone or with all of them.

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#6 Volume Booster GOODEV

Volume Booster GOODEV

This is a great app for those looking for extreme simplicity and no frills. The menu is as simple as it gets and it doesn’t feature any confusing extras, just straight to the point perfect performance. It only weights 1,5MB making it incredibly light and applicable to every phone, no matter how much memory left you have. This is an efficient android volume booster, period.

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#5 DIVI Volume Booster

DIVI Volume Booster

This is a great app for those who have a developed ear and want to fine tune the audio on their cell phone whether it is for plugging it into a speaker or your headphones. This awesome tool contains a separate tab for you to calibrate the sound settings until you just love the sound you hear. You can even do fine tuning on the fly by adding frequencies such as bass, mid or treble depending on the situation and the music being played. The amount the sound can be boosted it is up to an astonishing forty percent with a very good quality. Sound like a pro and very, very loud by installing this app weighting only 3,5MB.

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#4 Easy Volume Control

Easy Volume Control

This is another incredibly light app that will take full control over the sounds your phone does (or doesn’t do) allowing you to boost the volume with one touch or even go to silent or vibrate only mode. The app will even remember your settings for speakers or headphone and you can switch between them depending on the situation. It is a great working, small and free app that should be on every smartphone.

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#3 Wait What Volume Booster

Wait What Volume Booster

Don’t be misled by the app’s funny name, it is a very serious volume booster for your android phone. It features a big and orange Boost Button that’s impossible to miss, on top of that you will find a set of faders to settle the different volumes between the Media and the Notifications, so you won’t be disturbed while you’re favorite tune is playing full-on.

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#2 Volume Booster Sound

Volume Booster Sound

This awesome app takes care of the volume but also does an integral scanning of the channels available not to break any internal software or hardware feature of your phone, looking for your phone’s health and durability while boosting volume and sounding great. You can turn it on and off whenever you like at all times, a great tool.

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#1 Ultimate Volume Booster

Ultimate Volume Booster

Once you have installed this awesome app you’re just one click away from an incredible experience with your cell phone since this powerful tool will give you a boost of up to thirty to forty percent. But it doesn’t only work on music, it will boost the volume on every app installed on the phone including phone calls, notifications, and games. Another key feature is the control of the audio quality, which is super important because loud and dirty is actually noisy, but loud and good-sounding is great.

Android Volume Booster

So, starts having the best experience today with this volume boosters. To make sure you don’t annoy anyone by listening to the music you love, go ahead and plug in your headphones, it works great on them too.

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